My Lilies are in Jail

cherylebMay 21, 2007

I bought some beautiful lilies from the Lily Nook two years ago and the cute little bunny rabbies chomped them off at the ground every time they grew more than three inches. A few of them managed to survive and come back this spring so I decided to cage them. I bought plastic flexible plastic fencing at Home Depot in a roll and used twist ties to make it into circles and then staked them around the lilies with those little bamboo pieces.

Is there a height that my lilies will be safe at without the cage or am I stuck with plastic tubes in my garden all summer?

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We live out in the country and have a large rabbit population. So far I have not lost any lilies to rabbits, they seem to prefer my roses. My neighbours bought some of that plastic fencing and found out that the small rabbits can get in thru the holes. I have never had them go at my lilies but I have had them eat shrubs. What we did was use chicken wire and make cages about 4' high. We found that the large rabbits could lean on the cage and bend it so we bought some other fence wire that has small holes but it is sturdier. Between the cages and my 2 Aussies, I think we are winning out. Marg

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Deerout sells repelents that really work and dont stink like liquid fence does. They have a rodent version too.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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