Blue Potato Bush

lifeontheprairieMay 7, 2009

We moved From CA to ND 3 years ago. We brought with us a cutting from a bush in my husbands mothers yard. I have kept the bush in a large pot, have brought it inside for the winters. The first winter it got spiders on it, dropped all its leaves and I kept it in the sunroom-west exposure, this last winter I took it in the basement with east exposure and instead of the leaves dropping like the first winter the plant got new leaves and got 3 blooms, now it bare. I think I have totally confused this plant as to what season it is.

Now to the question, do you think I could plant this outside?

Any thoughts? thanks!

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glen3a(Winnipeg MB 3A)

I had a similar plant that I kept in a pot on the deck each summer. When brought indoors to lower light in fall, it would lose a good portion of it's leaves but then regrow new ones indoors. Similarily, in spring not matter how gradually I tried to acclimatize it to the outdoor light, it would lose leaves again and have to regrow them. It was nice and bloomed quite a bit though.

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Thanks for the reply! I have it outside on our deck again, and it is growing healty leaves again. To be safe, I will always bring it inside for the winter. I would hate to loose this plant/bush.

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Many plant grow leaves that can take the level of light there exposed to (with-in set peremiters). When you dramitically change the light exposure the plant will shed its leaves and grow new ones better suited for the enviroment.

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