Climbing Rose

Nancy_z2(zone 2)May 4, 2005

Hello Everyone. I have a question regarding my climbing rose. I bought it thinking it was for my zone but I was way off. I'm in zone 2 and the rose is zone 4 or 5. I've had it for 3 years and its still doing o.k. My question is if the wood looks dead, is it? What I mean to say is the bottom part of the stems are green but the further up you go it looks dead. I did the stratch test on a top stem and there is no green. Someone told me that the "green" will grow up the stem.(I hope I'm making sense) lol

In the previous years I would always cut the dead looking branches but the roses never reached higher than 3 feet.

I think the name of the rose is "Gallaway Bay".

Thanks in advance for any advice.

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robert_flannery(Z 3 MB)

If its not green its dead and should be pruned off. Dead wood can cause canker that could cause even more die back. The only way to stop die back would be to peg the rose to the ground and mulch it for the winter. You could try one of the explorer series climbers. I've found John Davis and William Booth to be the most hardy.

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Nancy_z2(zone 2)

Thanks for the advice I'll start prunning asap. :)

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I grow Galway Bay and it does die back hard for me. Aother way to check if a cane is dead, is to scrape some of the outer skin away. If you see green it's alive, brown colour, it's dead.

Hope it helps.

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sheryl_ontario(Muncho Lake, BC z2)

The long half of the branch is dead due to winterkill. Usually below the snow line is the only part of a climbing rose, out of it's zone, that survives.

You can get the long green and blooming stems if you lay them down on the ground in the fall and cover them with something. I use bulap and anchor the edges with rocks. then I pile all the debris form the fall cleanup on top for further protection, just in case we don't get enough snow fall to protect it. Then just lift them back up and tie in place in the spring. Don't weave it in and out of fencing etc, keep in mind that it'll have to come down the fall and you don't want to break off that new growth for blooms next year.

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