Pears, plums, peaches HELP!

timberspringsMay 13, 2009


I live in the UP of MI just across the WI MI border and live on a very high hill. I do live in zone 4 and have a bit of a micro climate as when it does get very cold around or even a bit under -30 it has been about 10degrees warmer up here. I am ordering new fruit trees and need some advise.


Heres what I have for plum



I want two more but want to make sure they will pollinate eachother

Can I get a Satsuma and a Green Gage?


Heres what I have

Golden Spice


Can I get a Comice and Bosc that will still pollinate the first two?


I know its a risk! I am willing to take it.

I read a lot of good info on northern planting of peaches and came to the conclusions Reliance is no hardier than Red Haven if properly planted and mulched so..

How about

Red Haven

Autumn Rose

Any advise you can give to this novice would be great!


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frozen_north(Zone 4a - Minnesota)

Plums: Toka will do fine and is an excellent pollinator. They are short lived and require heavy pruning. The fruit are small and are excellent for jam, good for eating.

Pembina I've never heard of.

You might also consider: Superior, Gracious, Underwood, Stanley

Pears: Comice and Bosc are not hardy. Try Luscious, Seckel, Stacyville (Fedco is the only commercial source for this one), or Tyson.

Peaches: The trees are short lived and do not bear annually in your climate even with ideal care. You might get a crop or two before the tree dies. Consider planting an apricot instead. They're tougher.

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