What is Blooming in Your Garden - July 2011 - Part 1

pixie_louJune 30, 2011

This is a place to post photos, and to discuss, what is blooming in your garden. This is the first thread for July 2011.

During the heavily blooming summer months, I will post multiple threads each month. When we hit too many posts, I will try to start a new thread. The number of threads per month will depend on how many people post photos.

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I noticed this lily open today. It only has 4 petals. I've never seen a 4 petal lily before - I'm wondering how many petals will be on the other bud on this plant.

And here is a little reminder than I had bright pink petunias in my deck pots last summer. I spend so much time trying to grow things from seed, nurturing them, giving them tons of TLC. And this little petunia grows in a miniscule crack in my cement. And it grew in between applications of round up!

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spedigrees z4VT

Aside from the hanging mini petunia plant on my porch and a few micro mini roses, my orange garden holds the only blooms right now, ie marigolds. The nasturtiums and daylilies should join them in flowering soon.

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Love the look of all those marigolds together.

Why the blue bottles on the telephone pole? A functional purpose? Art? Or somewhere in between?

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spedigrees z4VT

My version of a bottle tree.
Bottle Trees

The pole is the sawed off remnant of a utility pole from a now defunct power company, and a birdhouse sits atop it. From a couple years ago:

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A bottle tree. Cool. I like it. Right now I'm trying to collect old terra cotta gardening pots - so I can make a terra cotta version of a tin man.

Between the pinwheels in my garden, my flowering tee pee, moss steps, and the soon to be terra cotta man - is it obvious I have a 6 year old living in this house?

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Claire - I love the dicentra and itea combo in the last thread. The colors are wonderful, flowers and leaves! Your meadow phlox is blooming in my yard too. It's finally settled in after a few years and looks lovely next to a pink spirea.

Pixie - That eyeliner lily is stunning!

Spedigrees - I love your orange garden! The blue bottles and blue containers really tie it all together. Very cool!

Thanks all for the kind words. I really am loving my Cornus corner more and more each day. The Astilbe and Oak Leaf Hydrangea are in bloom now and that dark corner really lights up with all the white. It gets full shade for most of the day. I think I need more dark foliage for contrast. The Cimicifuga is getting hidden, so I need another punch of dark to replace it, probably a few Heucheras.

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From 2011-07-02 (by Eye-Fi)

Lily Monte Negro ordered from Spring Hill Nursery 3 years ago. The lily foliage is atrocious, but the Rose Campion hides the leaves a bit. For some reason in the picture the pinks are not as harmonious as they are in real life. From 2011-07-02 (by Eye-Fi)

Guara and Purple-leaf Sandcherry From 2011-07-02 (by Eye-Fi)

Mugo Pine and Ribbon Grass From 2011-07-02 (by Eye-Fi)

Black-eyed Susan and Butterfly Weed From 2011-07-02 (by Eye-Fi)

Butterfly Weed Close-up. This is the brightest it's ever been. The orange is the highlight of the garden today. From 2011-07-02 (by Eye-Fi)

Clustered Bellflower From 2011-07-02 (by Eye-Fi)

Darwin's Blue Veronica from Bluestone Nurseries. Love this blue in the garden. The picture doesn't show it well, but it is placed within a bed of Shasta Daisies, which really makes the blue pop. From 2011-07-02 (by Eye-Fi)

Cryptomeria Black Dragon, Variegated Wigelia, and Shasta Daisies From 2011-07-02 (by Eye-Fi)

Love how everyone is leaning to the sun. I think these are Heliopsis, but I am not sure. The grass is Feather Reed Grass, "Overdam". From 2011-07-02 (by Eye-Fi)

The mailbox path. You can see the Butterfly Weed in the middle. Hope the monarchs find it! From 2011-07-02 (by Eye-Fi)

Claire's Phlox and Spirea in the background From 2011-07-02 (by Eye-Fi)

Nothing says summer like Black-eyed Susans From 2011-07-02 (by Eye-Fi)

Tsuga canadensis 'Moon Frost' and Heuchera "Coral Bells" From 2011-07-02 (by Eye-Fi)

Lavender and Juniper "Mother Lode" From 2011-07-02 (by Eye-Fi)

Oakleaf Hydrangea and Astilbe coming into bloom in my dark corner.

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Thyme2dig NH Zone 5

The slope has transitioned into roses now. Peonies and other spring bloomers are done. Here are a couple angles.

I had a tough time getting a photo where you can kind of see the smaller blooms but this is spirea, feverfew from seed, veronica 'Eveline' from seed and yellow privet in the corner.

This is one of my new favorite plants. Campanula 'Pritchard's Variety'

I love astilbe.

The birds will be feasting soon on this elderberry. It gets huge and is in a bad spot (we bump into it when leaving the cottage garden), but a bird must have planted it years ago and they love it so I'll continue to push it out of the way or not use that gate.

I've never done much with summer bulbs but I planted a lot of Brodiaea 'Queen Fabiola' last year and she does not disappoint.

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I saw v. Evelyne in a nursery and thought it was lovely. Waited till I could look it up, then forgot to. Hardy to zone??? 5 at least....

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T2D, that Brodiaea 'Queen Fabiola' is lovely, and your elderberry is really stunning. This seems to have been a really good year for Sambucus, because I see them blooming all over, in places where I've never noticed them before.

Might have to find a spot for these two!

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claireplymouth z6b coastal MA

Lisa: Your garden is really coming along nicely, and now that the phlox has settled in, you will always have phlox and phlox and phlox....

T2D: It's great to see a whole shot of your slope as it changes throughout the season. Nice planting!

My first hosta bloom has been slowly coming up over the last few weeks - Hosta Big Daddy. It's still not complete, but I can't stand to wait any longer.

A self sown Adenophora is now blooming with the omnipresent phlox, with a lily on stand-by. I like to look at the clean lily foliage (there is hope).

My inherited old rambling rose, which I now believe is Rosa Excelsa, not Dorothy Perkins, is blooming happily. This is the rose that used to be on my beloved rose arch, victimized by a coastal windstorm. I'll update that thread soon.


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You all have such wonderful mature gardens full of blooms. Something I aspire to. My plants look so lonely!

This photo shows the front part of my north-east property line. These plantings are on their 2nd year. Day Lillies and Asiatic Lillies are in bloom now.

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My beds are still too young for prime time viewing but there are a few stars among the less exotic things blooming just now. All but a few of these were winter sown:

Astilbe w/winter sown Maltese cross

Winter sown perennial blue flax

WS Rudbeckia 'Autumn Colors'

WS Catananch/Cupid's dart

WS gaillardia/blanket flower

Gaillardia 'Golden Goblin'

WS Connecticut Yankee delphinium

WS Rudbeckia 'Irish Eyes'

WS Shasta daisy

WS Echinacea/coneflower

WS adenophora/ladybells

Lollipop lily

WS Lychnis coronaria/rose campion


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Gardenweed - Love that lollipop lily. After irises, I think Lilies are my favorite flower!

The Easter Lilies in the white garden are finally in bloom. These lilies are much shorter than my asiatics and orientals. You can see a flopping eyeliner lily in the background - it must have escaped from the cage!

Tiger Lily

Other asiatics that came from a mixed bag.

One great thing about a mixed bag is that sometimes you get something really exciting - like this tiny lily with little red spots on the petals.

I have quite a few rudbeckia open. This one caught my eye today due to the unusual (to me) petal layout and coloring. Not sure where I got this plant.

I've never been a huge fan of day lilies - but seeing these hybrids open - I'm finally seeing the attraction!

And speaking of day lilies - anybody care to hazard a guess as to what is happening to some of my plants? I have a few plants where the foliage is becoming yellow.

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claireplymouth z6b coastal MA

All those beautiful lilies! I've only had one blooming so far and that one is buried in an overcrowded slope (not that most of my garden isn't overcrowded).

Monarda Jacob Kline is blooming, to the delight of the hummingbirds.

The monarda is sandwiched between a Miscanthus Cabaret

and Berberis Gold Ring.

I've been struggling, trying to get a good picture of Hydrangea Blue Billow that shows the incredible saturated blue color. These were taken after the heavy rainstorm this morning, so the pollinators are temporarily absent. Probably inside somewhere shaking the water off. The color is close, but not quite there.


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claireplymouth z6b coastal MA

Hosta Blue Angel has blooms opening. I should have waited longer but I wanted to catch it with the Hydrangea Blue Billow next to the hosta and Rose Zepherine Drouhin above.

I've had Yucca Color Guard for five or six years but it never bloomed until now. It's not in full day sun, but it does get a fair amount.

It's hard to see, but in the background of the yucca, behind the omnipresent phlox, are the hosta and hydrangea (and itea).

For a spiky architectural plant, the blossoms seem very soft and fluffy, almost like marshmallows.

Claire (who needs to start deadheading the phlox)

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Nice, Claire. The hydrangea, rose and hosta do make a really nice combination. I admite yucca in other people's gardens but I'm not sure I've got the nerve to grow it myself! It does provide an interesting reflection of the hosta in bloom, doesn't it? Can they be seen at the same time?

Your phlox is like my Verbena bonariensis - what a nice, if overly opportunistic plant!

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claireplymouth z6b coastal MA

Thanks, DtD. The hosta and yucca are in the same view area and are seen together. I never really noticed it before since the yucca hadn't bloomed; it was just a nice foliage accent. I've been waiting for both of them to bloom the last few weeks when I first saw the yucca stalk. I'll see if I can get a decent photo of them together tomorrow.

Opportunistic indeed, but the phlox gives a pretty show with absolutely no effort on my part. Until I have to deadhead them all which is a royal pain, but if I do, the bloom just keeps going and the hummingbirds are ecstatic.

Last year I decided to expand the phlox paniculata collection to take over after the phlox maculata show. It was a nice idea but the new woodchuck is chomping on all the paniculatas. It was never a problem before, but the dog from up the street who used to make rounds every day with his pal is no longer in action, so the woodchuck is getting bolder.


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claireplymouth z6b coastal MA

OK, I deadheaded some of the phlox and backed off so I could see both the hosta and the yucca at the same time. There's a lot of pink phlox missing in the pic, but it will be back soon. When it's finished blooming i'll rip all of it out so I can see the rest of the planting there. I'm trying to see a field of cotoneaster spilling over the wall with some irises and daylilies interspersed, not to mention the three very nice dwarf pines that are also in there.

Behind the yucca looking in the other direction is a block of roses bordered by the house sansevierias out for the summer.

Daylilies fighting it out with the phlox:

H. American Revolution

H. Pardon Me

H. Rosy Returns


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spedigrees z4VT

lschibley, I love, love, love your butterfly weed! Has yours spread? I just introduced some to my hill area and I am hoping it will eventually colonize a wide area and add a splash of orange to the yellow of the goldenrod and pink of the milkweed. Have you found it to be very prolific?

Also thank you for posting photos of your blue veronica. It is just what I need for several spots in my garden, and I've had good luck with Bluestone Perennials in the past. Also I like it that veronicas are supposed to be hardy to zone 3. It's so much different and helpful to see a photo of a plant actually growing in someone's garden, than the pictures in a garden catalog.

Thyme and Claire, your roses are lovely. Your trellis is beautiful despite being a victim of bad weather, Claire.

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claireplymouth z6b coastal MA

Thanks, spedigrees. That rose only blooms once (in July), but it does it with panache. Next to the rose today is a Hemerocallis fulva (flore pleno?), AKA double ditch lily. This daylily is scattered throughout the garden but it's not as vigorous as the non-double one.

This rose, Carefree Delight, is one of my favorites. I can only describe it as charming and unassuming. Looks good with the phlox, too. I had to move it last year and it was traumatic for the rose, but it's finally coming back.

I won't show the photograph of a Joan Senior daylily in the midst of the phlox, because the colors are awful together.


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Claire - what a beautiful rose!

Note to self - plant more coreopsis. It has been blooming forever!

I like the combination of coreopsis with shasta daisy.

I was out of town last week and missed my Easter Lilies in Full Bloom. But I'm able to see the echinacea.

My first oriental Lily opened today.

My first hollyhock! Last year they were eaten by the woodchuck. This year they were eaten by the woodchuck. I think the plant is about 8 inches tall!

And lastly, a lawn volunteer. At first I was checking out the "new weed" with pink flowers. Then I remembered that I had this plant in my back deck planters last year. It's amazing - I can't seem to get grass to grow in this area!

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claireplymouth z6b coastal MA

Bronze Fennel, usually covered with tiny pollinators

Hosta montana with variegated solomon's seal

Lilium Claridad

Phlox paniculata Wendy House, one of the few phlox that the woodchuck missed

Platycodon (balloon flower)


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Claire - what a gorgeous lily

Oriental Lily Simplon in bloom. This lily is so fragrant - I can smell it half way across the front yard.

Lots of whimsy in my garden right now. I had a bunch of hollows in trees - pretty much from carpenter ant damage. So I planted some moon flower vine seeds in the hollows. I don't have any flowers, but the vines are growing nicely!

Considering how dry it has been, I was surprised to see these 2 huge white mushrooms in the yard on Thursday.

And my use for old terra cotta gardening pots. Terra Cotta woman. She still needs longer legs, a smaller hat, and a face pained on her head. Then she'll be moved down to my daughters whimsy garden.

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I'm finally seeing the attraction to Day Lilies. I had always thought of Day Lilies as those orange things that grew in big patches by the side of the road. But these hybrids have turned me into a fan of Day Lilies.

My Oriental Lily Simplon is still putting on quite the show. (In the background you can see itsy bitsy spider climbing the water spout)

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spedigrees z4VT

Love your daylilies, Pixie! And I particularly like your double orange daylily, Claire.

My "cherry cheeks" daylily is blooming.

I first saw a photo of "cherry cheeks" somewhere on this forum last year and had a heck of a time finding a place that sells them, but finally succeeded. I really like this color.

I'd love to see a photo of your daughter's whimsey garden when the flower pot lady is planted, Pixie!

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claireplymouth z6b coastal MA

I love your sense of whimsy, pixie_lou, particularly the itsy bitsy spider on the water spout!

My tiger lilies are finally blooming, which seems to be out of synchrony - I thought they were usually much earlier. This one is in a container and is growing up through one of my roses. No need to stake it.

This is the daylily Frans Hals, one of the later blooming daylilies here.

And my compost pile has a bumper crop of mushrooms, which should give you an idea of how diligent I am about turning the pile (not very).


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