What is YOUR Favorite (and least favorite) Lettuce?

pdxwindjammerJune 20, 2010

I have an 8x4 raised bed that I use strictly for my "salad" garden with only greens growing in it. I planted in mid February and I was determined to be eating from my garden in April and I was.

I love my:

Lollo Rosso


And another favorite "green" but not a lettuce is Pepper Cress! A bit spicy flavor with a mild horseradish taste and it is cut and come again. I have been eating this in my salads for 2 months now.

Spinach didn't do well for me. It grew tall and leggy and bolted while I was just away in Alaska. I also didn't do well with bok choi or baby bok choi. They both grew tall and bolted.

We have had strange weather with a warm March but it seems like we have had nothing but rain since then!

I plan on using row covers this winter and growing a winter garden for the first time.

What are your favorite and also your least favorite types of greens to grow in the NW?

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nancyanne_2010(Z 8 / WA)

Good King Henry - the best! But watch out, Bad King henry is poisonous

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Most favorite - Flashy Trout's Back lettuce from Territorial Seed.

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Amish Deer Tongue - it has a wonderful texture, and the heads are quite beautiful

Here is a link that might be useful: Amish Deer Tongue

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hemnancy(z8 PNW)

I'm growing greens in large stock tanks this year on a deck, so can get some free from slug and vole predations for the first time. The lettuces are perhaps too crowded to form big heads, the arugula and the baby bok choy is bolting. An unusual green I'm enjoying is Brassica juncea, Ruby Streak and Golden Frill, from Evergreen seeds.
The Ruby Streak is bolting, but the Golden Frill is larger and not bolting yet. It is making long leaves with lots of frill, finely divided, so it is quite crisp, yet still tender.

I'm going to have to keep trying on the lettuce. I've found that some greens like Wild Red Kale, and turnips left in the ground for spring greens, need to be planted by July 15 in order to get large enough to make it through the winter. I had some excellent bok choy one year planted in the fall, but can't seem to duplicate it. It won't make it during the winter, though.

A wild green I enjoyed up until frost last year and in early spring this year is Sheep Sorrel, for a sour lemony taste.

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where do you get your seed? I've ordered from Territorial before; any others for lettuce you can recommend?

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Oops, I just saw the West Coast Seeds link on the Amish Deer Tongue posting - thanks for the link.

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Red Sails: lovely color, frilly edges, stands well, accents the other greens in the bowl or sandwich. Strong enough to hold sandwich fixings rolled up inside when I'm skipping bread. (wheat allergy)

Least Favorite
Esmerelda (butterhead): tasty tender, but very mild when young, heads now have damaged outer leaves so not pretty & probably not tasty. Haven't cut the heads yet.

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Today my favorite lettuce is the ones the slugs didn't munch to bits while i was sick last week. that would be the Red Sails.

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