tomatoes ready to move

poppy88(5a)May 22, 2007


I've post this message in the tomatoes forum.. just in case I decided to post the same from the northern gardener.

Did anyone move their tomatoes plants into ground yet? In the past couple of year I moved mine after the victoria long weekend and they usually die right away. This year feel warmer than other, so I was wondering if anyone is brave and had success this year.


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tink2(5 Northern. Illinois)

Well, I an in Northern Illinois, almost the Wisconsin border. We almost always have a frost or two after Mother's Day, so even though they say May 15, I go by the old June 1 for putting in my tomatoes.
However, this year we have set some heat records, so I tempted fate by putting some things in early, and sure enough we got 2 frosts within 9 days of each other. My tomatoes were okay, because I had only put in the ones I had wall-o-waters enough to cover. Took them off today and my cherry tomatoes have tiny tomatoes, the others have some blooms, and I am planting direct to the garden the rest of them, mostly the beefsteak and plum kinds, along with a couple of heirlooms. So I would say now is them time, since we are in the same zone.

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Just what i was going to ask. Yep guess it's time for the tomatoes to go out !

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Moved them last night and it's raining now so they look pretty happy. If it gets cold I'll just cover them.

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thank you all those reply. Moved them and they are doing well.

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OOPS 1 had to cover them last night. there was a frost warning but looks like everything's ok

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