Cloning Trees/Plants with Lee Valley Rooter Pot?

Daliah(zone 5)May 9, 2004

Cloning Trees/Plants with Lee Valley Rooter Pot?

Does anyone have the Lee Valley Rooter Pot that they have advertised in their catalogue? If you buy it with the liquid root stimulator it says you can clone most trees and shrubs. Here is a quote I got:

"The rooter pot system makes it easy to clone trees, shrubs and vines in a short time. In just eight weeks you can produce a brand new plant of a size that would take three years from seed or a cutting. It works on an old system of propagation called air layering... It has been tested on the following plants: rose, apple, maple, cherry, azalea, rhododendron, honeysuckle, wisteria, bay, hibiscus, oleander, viburnum, gardenia..." and more.

Does anyone have this and if so, how has it worked for you? Does it have a high success rate? Any feedback would be great.



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euka(ottawa (zone 4))

I bought those too, I have yet to try them, so I'm interested to know if anyone has had success as well. I'm going to use them in the house too on some of my rubber plants

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zucchini(5a ONT)

I wanna know too...thinking of buying one as well..looks too goog to be be true?martha/zucchn

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cailinriley(z3 Calgary AB)

Refer to the replies in the Gardening in Canada forum--same topic.

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avalonON(z5 ON Canada)

I tried that system and it was a complete failure. Followed the instructions carefully using an apple tree branch. When I checked it, I found white fungus at the peeled area of the branch and it was crawling with insects. I cleaned it and closed it up again, but the same thing happened. It never developed roots. Maybe others will have better luck!

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You don't really need the "Rooter Pot." Air layering is a common propagation technique for bonsai, and most of the time they use a simple plastic bag with the same results. Unless the price is extremely good, I wouldn't get it.


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i have one and cloned a few bushes(easy) and a few trees (a little harder). i did this as a novelty. i found buying or digging up another is just as is more like being able to say i cloned that tree or bush.

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