flowering quince in bloom and snow...

OklaMoniFebruary 12, 2013

go figure.

I didn't even realize, it was a flowering quince till Sunday. LOL

and the back of my house

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Nice snow pic! I hope you are enjoying the snow!

I have some flowering quince too! But I think yours is a little ahead of mine. I saw buds breaking on Sunday, but I couldn't really see actual color. Mine are just now starting to be fully recovered from the butcher pruning job I did on them 10? years ago. I had no clue they were so slow to recover or I would have been much more careful! My plants quake in fear when they see pruning shears in my hand.. I just can't STOP once I start!

I spread some flower seeds Sunday in hopes the snow would actually arrive. Hopefully I will have some sprouts soon.

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Lisa, what was the "mistake" in your pruning? Cut back to much, the shaping, or what?

I feel like I need to prune mine. It sure doesn't look good, and blooms are only in a small area.

Actually, I am thinking of moving the whole bush.

Moni... enjoying her warm room, with the feet up, and the warm laptop on my lap. LOL

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I cut it back too hard. Thinned is probably the better term. I didn't shape it or cut back the top. Mine is in a fairly shady spot...so that might affect the growth rate.

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Thanks Lisa, I will keep that in mind.


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Here is what I cut off on Sunday.

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Ohhhhh...I love your vase!!! Pretty flowers too :)

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

Moni, It is so pretty. I think flowering quince is so pretty when it is blooming but it is not so attractive the rest of the year. I feel the same way about forsythia.

The snow was pretty, but it missed us completely and I am not complaining. We ended up with 1.1" of rain and we needed that more than we needed the snow. It was sunny and warm part of yesterday and will be sunny and warmer today, but then the next cold front arrives and we get colder again. It was cold here this morning with heavy, thick frost all over everything, but will be in the 60s this afternoon.

February's weather is such a roller coaster ride.


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Dawn, between snow and rain, my house ended up with about .3/4 of an inch of water. Pretty nice!

I feel the same way about forsythia. I've had a huge rangy bush in the middle of my back yard and the last couple of years the honeysuckle found it's way over there and I finally decided I'm DONE with it. :) As soon as it flowers this year, it is out of there, I'll pour stump killer on it until if finally gives up and regain my grass there!

My quince is in my flower bed in a rather unobtrusive spot, so it is fine where it is.

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Quince is like a weed here. Could cut it to the ground after flowering and have a new bush to flower in the spring.

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Lisa, are you sure, the forsythia is to big to transplant? I might be interested....


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It's years and years old, I imagine the root system is pretty extensive, but you are welcome to it! You know where I live, feel free to come by :)

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

My winter honeysuckle is blooming now but it usually blooms in winter. It is fragrant and attracting bees. I pulled some weeds by it and put down some pine mulch. The bees didn't bother me at all. Hellebore is also blooming.

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I love the perfume of Lonicera fragrantissima, Helen! I bet it is a welcome fragrance this time of year, though.

I don't have one, just the vining ones, L. flava and L. sempervirens 'Blanche Sandman'.

I love the honeysuckle for another reason, too. It is the larval host plant for the pretty little Snowberry Clearwing Sphinx moth, a daytime flying sphinx that resembles a large bumblebee. If you see it nectaring, it behaves like a hummingbird, hovering at flowers. I frequently find the larvae on the honeysuckle vine, altho it blends in quite well with the foliage and stems. One day in late April, I was working close by the honeysuckle and I kept hearing this buzzing noise (that's how they work their way up from the ground, by vibration). I finally looked down to see a little Snowberry Clearwing that had just emerged from its underground cocoon. I put him up on the trellis to hang so he could dry his wings and I could keep an eye on him while he was at it,. What a surprise that was! Gardening brings such special moments just like that....

Moni, have you ever made quince jelly?


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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

I love the fragrance of Lonicera fragrantissima too. When I was a kid, the city part across the street from us had a long hedge of it between the park and an adjoining neighborhood and that part of the park always smelled so yummy when it was in bloom.

We have daffodils that will be blooming in a couple of days, but our honeysuckle doesn't usually bloom until very late in February or early in March. It was blooming as recently as December though, and then a night when we went down to 9 or 10 degrees froze it back pretty hard. It has new growth now though.

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