Frosty Pansies?

HENRYSLAWEK(5A5B)May 5, 2004

I bought some yesterday and it says..."Favourite cool season plants add colour to the garden in early spring and late fall. Plant in full sun or partial shade....Fall planting is ideal for spring blooms."

OK, what do I do with them in the mid-summer? Do I store them somehow for the fall planting? It sounds like they are perennials if you plant them in fall for spring blooms, is that so?

Thanks for any info.


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karen_w(5 MI)

Hi! I plant these in the fall and they do rev up right after the snow melts in spring. Right now, they're REALLY blooming.
If you just bought them, plant them now (naturally). They'll bloom happily until hot weather comes. They're happiest when it's about 50 degrees. At this point, I usually rip them out and put in something else. Probably you could cut them back and wait till it turns cool in the fall, fertilize them up and step back!!!

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don_brown(Zone 6A NS)

Mine were a waste of time and space. Half froze out over the winter and the remainder have puny blooms. Too much hype, I'd say. they seem no better than regular pansies.

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Justine_London(5b-6a On.,Can.)

I've grown these as annuals for 3 years now...beautiful if in the right location. Best to plant this variety of pansies in late summer/fall in a protected location with some summer shade. You get blossoms in the fall and early winter months then they go somewhat dormant under the snow, but they put on their best show in the very early spring,before the daffodils are out. Mine look like small pansy-bushes right now!!! Water if they are looking dry in late winter/early spring and if they are in light shade they will survive the summer heat, but start looking a little bedraggled by mid-late summer. That's when I pull them out and discard...wait a month or so and plant fresh ones for the fall (I found they didn't survive another year). I get many compliments on the clumps of colour in early spring...but they must be placed in a favourable location, one of my favourites.

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I thought they were a waste of money, they did not do much in my garden.

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