Space for small orchard. Your favorites???

prism99May 3, 2006

I have space for perhaps 6 fruit trees to make up a small orchard. This is on an incline with a Southwest exposure, so should be somewhat protected from the fierce Northern winds we get in the fall and winter.

I am wondering about apples, plums, cherries, and anything else that might survive out here and be compatible in an orchard. Any suggestions?

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I have two semi-dwarf apricots, Sungold and Moongold. They are only 3 years old and looks like I will have fruit for the first time this year so I can't say what the fruit tastes like. You need both to get fruit. Very nice ornamentals too even if they don't set a lot of fruit.

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Oh, thank you for that suggestion! I hadn't thought of apricots. A friend suggested Harel Red and Honeycrisp semi-dwarf apples. Apparently there is more space than I thought, so I am looking for cherry and plum varieties now.

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