Pruning Miss Kim Lilac?

laheenMay 5, 2013

I have two Miss Kims that I planted about 6 years ago. In my impatience for mature plantings, I put them too close together and now (predictably) they've outgrown their allotted space.

It seems I have two options here, and I'm hoping you guys can advise me... I could move one of them, but I'm afraid they're both too big for me to move by myself. Also, they are presently in the only part of the garden with good sun (and even so, they're getting about 75% sun). So I hesitate to move them to a shadier spot.

The other alternative would be pruning them back for size. That would be my preference, but I'm not sure how they'd weather the pruning. If I were to prune, I know I should do it right after the bloom, so that would be in about a month here. (They are covered in buds right now, but no open flowers yet.) How hard could I prune them without harming the plants? And will that affect the bloom potential for next year?

Or would it be better to move one of them to another part of the garden and let them both grow out to their full potential size? Thanks.

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I wouldn't move them especially if you don't have a place to put 1 if you do.

Lilacs are pretty tough. My neighbor has a hedge of them and they are planted close together. I'd let them grow together like 1 big bush.

To prune start by removing any dead branches in the center. You could do that now if you want. Then you could remove as much as 1/3 of the growing branches after they flower. Understand that any pruning will have the branches growing back with double the new growth

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