Trumpet Vine - Invasive even in the north?

jel48(Z4 Michigan)May 3, 2012

I've always known Trumpet Vine to be a great hummingbird attraction but terribly invasive, at least in more southerly areas. What about further north? I'm in northern Michigan, but I'd be interested in hearing from anyone with a similar climate. We are zone 5 (because I'm right on Lake Superior) but summers are short and cool. Last frost date is May 30 and it usually frosts in the fall in early October. Summer highs are normally in the high 70's though it does get much hotter on a few days. For those of you who live in the north and have Trumpet Vine, has it been invasive? Or is it not so bad with the shorter, cooler growing season?

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i live in ne-sd (zone4). loved the vine, but, had to dig it up. would cling to the siding of the house, and, had shoots coming up all over the place.

if i had a spot where i could plant it and let it "do its thing", i would plant it in a heartbeat.

but, yes, very invasive (at least in my soil).

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Liz321(6 - Detroit Metro)

Hi, I'm in the Detroit area and it is a lovely plant, but if you plant it near a power pole, it may go crazy and take over, even in Michigan. Edison frowns upon it because it can be a problem.

My mother was a farmer south of Cadillac, and she always said the same thing as Sunlicious - Never plant it near a house or a garden you want to keep tidy. You might end up pulling it off your porch roof and from everthing else near it. It will go everywhere, even down here it is hard to control if it likes a spot. Now, if you have something ugly you want covered, and don't need to worry about it going crazy, have at it!
They do sell shorter less invasive varieties, but I'm never actually been able to keep one of them alive, and those have been planted far from anything we cared about.

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