Paw Paw Trees

Captaybe(7)May 3, 2012

does anyone know of a nursery in NYC or Long Island that sells Paw Paw trees? Also, I was considering planting the sunflower variety because it is self-fertile. Is there a different one that is self-fertile? Did anyone successfully grow Paw Paw themselves in NY?

Thank you.

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I planted a Mango and Pennsylvania Golden from Starks in the fall of 2010. I shaded them using tomato cages with garbage bags stapled to them to provide shade for the young PawPaws because my research indicated direct sun sensitivity for trees less than 2 years old. I watered them through the fall. By the time I realized mother nature was withholding water (drought)in spring 2011, it was July and the little PawPaws put on only 6 inches of growth before calling it quits for the year early along with my cherry, peaches and plums. However, right now -5/9/12 - in their second leaf, they are gong like gang busters. I was stunned that the Mango put out 5 flowers! - and its only 3.5 feet tall. The leafout this year has already exceeded all of last year's growth so I am optomistic. Long Island is in their natural range, so I say go for it! This year I also ordered a quince from Miller's (upstate NY)and it is doing well. Both of these mail order nurseries will have PawPaws and their packaging will guarantee healthy plants. I haven't checked out Hick's Nursery on Long Island this year, but if anyone would have them in stock, they will or they will order the PP trees for you. Please report back on what you decide to do. Good luck.

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