What or Whose Garden Ideas are You Thankful For?

mrtulinJune 13, 2012

Recently, a few people have noted they got some great ideas from GW that they used successfully in their own gardens. Before I wrote my post complaining about slugs I got the idea of actually naming a few specific ideas and inviting others to as well. But then the slugs got the better of my gratitude.

It is not required to remember specifically who....but in this case I do.

A shout-out to:

NHBabs, you suggested amsonia with ninebark (not heuchera as I first imagined) Although I didn't have amsonia hubreckii, the a. tabermontana was sitting right there and got moved immediately. It looks good!

And thyme2grow, your hillside continues to inspire me. I keep looking at my hillside with a slightly different perspective, with yours in my mind's eye.

Thanks! Idabean

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NHBabs z4b-5a NH

My first thought is that reading the landscape design forum got me to look at something besides individual plants. As cantankerous as that particular forum can be, it also opened my eyes to concepts such as a garden needing structure and hardscape, not just plants; that function should really come first (what do I want from my garden?); and that a garden composed only of little flowers with no attention to foliage and plant structure is pretty boring.

I am sure that I will come up with others, but that is probably the largest influence on my gardens.

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I love garden tours and try to go on one or two every summer. While it's a privilege to visit some private gardens where the owners can invest huge amounts of money, I really prefer seeing gardens that the homeowners design and maintain by themselves. Thyme2grows (thyme2dig?) hillside shrub garden is a good example. Not only a wonderful collection but also a great solution to a problem slope.

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I really appreciate (and miss!) both Katy and George; Katy has such a good eye and an understanding of the principles of design, and George knows more about plants - especially hydrangeas - than anyone I've ever met.

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spedigrees z4VT

The two inspirations that come to my mind are the concept of a container garden (by various members) that led me to establish my own "pot ghetto," and Pixie Lou's excellent suggestion for using pinwheels to deter critter destruction of tender young plants and to add color and motion to my vegetable garden. I'm thankful for both ideas, as well as individual plants and flowers I've seen pictured here that inspired me to plant the same in my own gardens.

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I tried to find "thyme2grow" pictures of her hill side with no luck. Where should I be looking?

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Jleek - the name is thyme2dig and if you look on any of the "show us you gardens" threads. Thyme just posted on the June thread. And there should be more pictures on the may thread - link on the June thread.

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I have many to thank. Before I got to the end of the OP's post, I was thinking of Thyme's slope. She even went out and measured it for me. But I see others in her debt. And also George (ego) -- how we miss his posts.

But I have others to thank too. This is a particularly generous forum. I want to commend all those who organize swaps. The regional central CT swap, complete with fabulous plants and fabulous potluck food is an annual treat. When I see plants in my garden that I got from swaps, I am always so grateful. I do not think I would have a blue bird hydrangea if it weren't for George's generosity.

A shout-out also to Claire for posting her annual hummingbird migration map so that we can all note when our hummers return. I love following their progress and seeing when our darlings return.

And to the wintersowers, who are so zealous on their own forum. Particularly to Connecticut-er, Gardenweed, who doesn't post here much, but on cottage gardens. They are an inspiration. And I owe my drifts of galliarda and cosmos to inspiration from them.

And to Gertrude Jekyll (talk about inspiration!) whose advice was, don't feel bad if you kill a plant -- you have to try. I have tried to find the source of this quote, but have been unsuccessful, so if anyone knows her exact words, I'd be happy to find out.

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