Bought a pkg of asparagus and a grapevine

jessakaFebruary 23, 2013

i had to buy these early or they would be all gone. The asaragus comes in a pkg with air holes and says to plant after the last frost. do i just keep the package sealed and maybe sit it in water for a while to get the inside wet since it has airholes, or just put it in a cool place until the end of march? as to the grape, it is a stem in a paper cup. what do i do with it until then? get it wet once a week? it comes with no instructions. thanks

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Jessica, I would tuck the asparagus in the frig or a cool room in the dark to keep it dormant. I would't water it for fear of rotting it. I would keep the grape vine damp but not too moist until it's safe to put it out, also in a cool place.

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hi, thanks. i thought of the refrigerator and for some reason thought it was too cold, but of course, it isn't the freezer. ha.

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Jessica, I wouldn't wait until after the last frost to plant that asparagus. I would plant it in midMarch and mulch it good. It's pretty hardy and it's unlikely that the ground will freeze under a mulch after that.

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thanks. i will wait. they are both in the refrigerator now.

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