hardy flowering bush

suzan30May 6, 2011

I am new to this forum and a novice gardener as well. I am seeking a hardy flowering bush for my tiny front yard. I live in Chicago in an urban neighborhood. It is a sunny spot. I'd like something that would be attractive even when it is not in bloom.

Any suggestions?

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We have lilacs, butterfly bushes, and rose of sharon. We trim them all to keep them tidy. The butterfly bushes are truly beautiful in bloom(they all are actually), but BB do not drop the dead buds so they need to be clipped in the fall if you want tidy, but the butterflies & hummers love it!

Of the 3 the rose of sharon I would consider better looking out of bloom. All are hardy (at least the types I have) in zone 6-b.

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Weigela is a nice long flowering shrub. I have the pink, red and variegated one. Any of the Elders are to. These come in a variety of colors so you get both flowers and nice foliage.

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