Gardeners hands

dowlinggramMay 15, 2013

Gardening is tough on the hands, even if you wear gloves. My cure for rough hands is sugar and baby oil and a good hand cream that doesn't wash off. I put about 1/2 teaspoon of sugar in the palm of my hand and saturate it with baby oil make a washing motion with my hands. The sugar knocks off that rough dry skin. Then I wash my hands with soft soap--only enough to remove the sugar. I keep some baby oil on my hands. Then I pat them semi dry and apply Glucosamine hand cream. This makes my hands soft and hydrated. Of course I have to repeat often because I can't keep my hands out of the soil

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runswithscissors(MT 4/5)

I have alot of troubles with my hands too. I hate to wear gloves. And I hate creams or oils on my hands, because I invariably rub my eyes with it. My favorite remedy is Lava soap. Believe it or not, it leaves skin feeling fairly smooth and the pumice in it helps scrub out the ground in dirt. Still, my hands are always a mess. I've never had pretty ones anyway but the older I get the more they are resembling lobster claws. I wonder if all life-time gardeners end up dieing with horrible hands?

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My hands are horrible because of the sun exposure.

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I have found that putting lotion on before I go out into the garden helps me to be able to wash the dirt off when I am finished. Since my hands are invariably covered with dirt when I am outside, I am not putting my hands near my face when I am gardening, so the rubbing eyes isn't an issue.

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marciaz3 Tropical 3 Northwestern Ontario

I've started wearing gloves over the past couple of years, even though i don't really care for them. My hands are a lot better now, and more presentable!

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I have been gardening for many years and what works best for me is medical rubber gloves. I get a box of them from the drugstore and I can use them several times before I need to dispose of them. Mostly they have by then gotten holes in the end of a finger or two. They work so good as you can feel even the tiniest weed with them and they keep the dirt off your hands. There are many in a box so they will last most of the gardening season.

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this is a good topic for me as well

I am yes, getting older and that doesn't help with having decent looking hands.
I cannot seem to wear gloves, guess I could just I choose really not to Something about that dirt on your hands. I don't know what it is.

The odd time I will think about it and take a bar of soap and dig into it getting soap under my fingernails with the hope of hot having to soak my nails when I get in/
Most times I donm't remember the soap or the cream
And yes rub your face or eyes, that is me as well.
My family laugh when I come in from the yard with a dirt mustache or where ever I seem to get dirt.

I spend witners in FLoida in a retirement community. Love it and have without a doubt, the best gardens in the community.
But, as well,k we play lots of card games and go for lots of lunches and stuff.
The ladies used to make comments about the possible dirt under my nails or the none manicued look. But not so much anymore Guess they are just used to me.. And I do bring most of them flowers form the garden.

Most days either at home up here in Canada, or down in Florida, I go for a swim at the community pool or the YMCA here in town, have a shower there and then get in the pool come out, most times feeling terrific and clean, for another day

Alas Like yourself runs with scissors I don't think hands will ever be a fine feature for me.

I do remember using Lava soap though and it was good Thanks for mentioning this. I am going to look for some.

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Dianne-- Put your hose nozzle on jet and run it over your nails. It works better than using a nail brush for getting dirt from under your nails and is easier on the hands and nail beds

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That is a good idea,
had never even thought of doing so

Will give it a go


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I use lotion bars, helps a lot. I make my own. 1/3 beeswax or soy wax, 1/3 shea or cocoa butter, 1/3 sunflower oil. Sometimes I add peppermint or sweet orange essential oil but sometimes I just leave it unscented. nUsing it before and after gardening helps keep the dirt from sticking in my nails bad and definitely prevents cracking skin. I use these during the dry cold winter we have here too.

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that does sound so nice
I remember when I was younger doing some nice things like that. Special nice ideas. Seems I don't get around to doing so much of these nice things anymore You would think
when one is retired you would have more time. Funny how it is , that life changes so much

Keep up making your soap. Sure does sound nice to me.
I just came in from the yard Spreading top soil and putting down some seed on the front lawn Of course have to get my hands right in the dirt. tonight going to a baby shower so I shall have to do some work on my hands and nails
Gloves would be a great idea but I just do not do the glove thing..

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