Spending my children's inheritance

luckykat13September 25, 2012

Bought some more today. Wheee, Lakeside Shoremaster, and island charm. My kids seemed annoyed when I came out with

these. I think that they think that I am spending their inheritance. They may be right:)

Hope this post is ok. Using smart phone app in progress.

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Post is perfect, as are the plants. Will be so glad when your DH can put that app up for the Play store. How easy can it get using that!!

About the inheritance....great minds think alike I suppose. Was wondering this morning, if anything happened to me, what would be the fate of my 250+ pots of hosta? hmmmmmm...better make friends with the one lone AHS member in my area.

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bernd ny zone5

The children will have a good life when the mother is happy!

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Ha! Not my kids' inheritance until I die. Until then, it's mine, and I might just spend it all! Haha! If anybody's going to have a good time with my money, it's gonna be me, and my idea of a good time is spending it on more hostas!


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You rock, Sandy!

Well, this weekend I saw a stage performance of MENOPAUSE: THE MUSICAL. It was hilarious, but I guess you have to be "of an age" to appreciate some of the humor.

One song was really good, "I'm having a hot flash--a tropical hot flash." And then they said something about the husband and kids recognizing when her eyes glazed over, the kids ran, the husband went up on the roof. And I almost fell over laughing, because it is an explanation for the husband next door to us going up on HIS roof so often. His wife does have a permanent frown....so he's getting out of the way of the tropical hot flash. Next time I see him up there, I'll chuckle to myself, instead of being irritated. Poor man. Only safe place to go. hehehehe...serves him right for not letting her make flower beds in the way of his mower.

If it makes me happy, I'm doing it. So true what I think HH said some while back: A happy life is a happy wife. And mama. On occasion when my DH tells me he loves me, I tell him, "And well you should!" That's a joke between us, but it is so true in many families, they should express love to one another--well they should--and applaud when happiness is found in small things.

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