Becky Shasta Daisy

pliant(z3 MB)May 14, 2004

I planted this "Perrenial of 2003" last summer and it was lovely. I'm not seeing any signs of life yet. Has anyone else in zone 3 planted this daisy? Is it coming up yet? I have some other daisies that are up so I'm a bit anxious...

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dentaybow(Z3A MN)

I've had all the Shasta type daisies/cultivars at one time or another. It is a crap shoot. They don't reliably survive the winter for me. But once in awhile there is a surprise. I lost all the Alaska Shasta Daisies but I've had that Crazy Daisy survive the last two winters and it is supposedly the least hardy of the group! Go figure. Considering the low spring temps, I'd wait awhile longer before holding a memorial service for Becky the Shasta Daisy.

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chris_ont(5a Ont)

I, in zone 5, planted one in the spring and one in the late fall. Both are about 4" up now and were among the first to show signs of life (well, actually, some of it stayed sort of evergreen.)
Mine are in a very exposed location, but are doing very well. Not sure if this helps in your zone, but I'm finding these very hardy.
I hope yours comes back. For its extended bloom time and non-floppiness, this one rates five out of five stars :)


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I planted 2 Becky daisies last year and neither have come up. The plant didn't look like anythng was happening, so today they got yanked.- Wisconsin

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pliant(z3 MB)

Hey! I spotted a sad little leaf on one of the three plants today - Here's hoping!

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I lost every darn daisy I had this year! Becky, alaska, all of them! I wonder if it had to do with the VERY dry conditions we had last fall and then cold before snow this winter. Being an optimist I have planted another dozen or so this year! whoever said it's a crap shoot is right!

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pliant(z3 MB)

Update: 2 of the 3 Becky's are doing just fine so I'm glad I waited (and I planted 3 more) so will see what happens next year. I spend a lot of time reading entries on this forum as well as the far north forum. I learn so much from everyone - what an excellent resource!

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chris_ont(5a Ont)

Glad you stuck it out. This wonderful plant is SO worth it.
Check out my Garden web page. That's Becky in the top picture and a last year/this year comparison about halfway down the page. I'll have lots for division next year.

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shapiro(5a Ontario)

I have daisy "Phyllis Smith" - it has very fine, shaggy petals, and not too tall. Has anyone else grown this? It has survived 2 Ottawa winters now. Our problem can be either deep, deep cold OR mid-winter thaws. Degree of snow cover is an important consideration, in either case.

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pliant(z3 MB)

A gorgeous garden Chris! Wowsa!

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gerry1(2b Sk)

I have Becky here in 2b Sk. Admittedly the well potted plant was pricy but dispite our harsh winter, a 'missed spring' and still waiting for summer, Becky looks marvelous and in full glorious bloom.

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jumpinjuniper(6A Nova Scotia)

As far as I know Shasta Daisy is hardy only to zone 4a so all you zone 3 and 2 folks, try another daisy proven for your climate. Shasta daisy does great here in 6A/5B

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