More Wisdom from Krugman?

labrea_gwMarch 9, 2012

A B C D E F GOP thats enough!

Is Krugman being unfair in his assertion that the party of no has taken a right turn on Education.

I figure I'll adopt the what do you think approach it works so well for some others on this forum!

Here is a link that might be useful: NYT

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Well, to me, this is nothing new. Krugman is just stating the obvious. They have been working for years to dismantle public education. Look at the entire flap over vouchers for private and religious schools, that has been going on since at least the 1980s. And, that was a right wing response to desegregation.

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Well, it all makes sense when you're in that top 1% trying to pillage what's left of our natural resources without anyone realizing... and choking off education keeps the public dumb.

I couldn't believe it when I found out what it cost for my son to attend college... unbelievable. How do they expect people to do it all? Oh, right... they don't. Not part of the plan.

If you can't afford college, you can't get a decent job... therefore, they don't need to work on a jobs bill.

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david52 Zone 6

What I am seeing is an incredible deterioration of support for public education - K-12, all through the State University system. Some of it is understandable - eg awful inner-city schools, some of it is a consequence of the Great Recession - the money just isn't there when states have to balance a budget, and some of it is deliberate - as Hay was saying, a few, well-organized people can create a huge change. Drum up anti-tax, anti-union, anti-government fury and it gets directed at pubic school teachers, with a dash of No Child Left Behind unintended consequences. I don't know exactly where that one is going, but I'm on the front lines of that here with my kids' schools - a refusal to pay the teachers anything over peanuts, and refusal to pay any new taxes to cover the increasing expenses, and then screaming at the schools for failing, all the while the enrollment drops and the community shrinks as families move to saner districts.
There is also a segment of the population that looks at this as yet another public resource to privatize - use all that tax payer money and funnel it into private, for-profit charter schools - see proliferation of on-line K-12 schools with very shoddy results. Not to mention the wholesale rip-off of Federal Student loans with the for-profit schools that get you a degree in cosmetology, at the cost of a $45,000 loan.

I posted last week about state universities dropping the most expensive programs - those with the best job prospects - due to lack of funding. As well, they continue to cut back on the number of professors and frequency of courses, so that a student finds it increasingly difficult to graduate on time. Tuition rates are increasing at 10 - 15% a year, and now, if you tack on room and board and fees, places like Colorado University and Colorado State University, cost around $20,000 a year.

Now for Santorum and his 'college education snob' blather, I'd be more inclined to chalk that up to trying to connect with the assumed blue-collar, high-school graduate audience he was speaking to. And for Romney, thats just his natural charm shining through.

But neither address the huge problem of educating the country - funding it, improving it, modifying it to meet the challenges.

Where as at least Obama is taking a shot at it, example his visit to the Rolls Royce plant where its a combo of high tech private industry, college universities, and community colleges.

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david52 Zone 6

Michael Medved in The Wall Street Journal on Republicans and college grads:

The proportion of voters who have college or advanced degrees continues to rise and might represent a majority by 2016. "This growth trend extends to every ethnic group in the country and represents inarguable good news for the American economy. But it's bad news for clumsy and misguided Republicans who seem determined to hand Democrats the advantage when it comes to appealing to the increasingly educated electorate," writes Medved. He cites demographic data to show that college grads, not white working class voters, could decide this year's election and that they've increasingly started voting for Democrats. Rick Santorum's "snob" comment, among other moments, threatens to drive them further. All this despite the four GOP candidates being some of the most credentialed the Party has seen. "Applauding such aspirations instead of belittling them will enable conservatives to honor the best American traditions of upward mobility."

full article behind the paywall at WSJ

Here is a link that might be useful: if you have a wsj account, which I don't

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Thanks David I didn't expect any of the concerned women for america to respond. The forum of NO!

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