people who say they want plants but never get them

dowlinggramMay 6, 2013

GRRR. I'm mad. I have to divide some perennials. I asked a friend if she wanted my divisions. Oh she seemed quite eager but said she couldn't come that day but would be here tomorrow. That was a week and a half ago. I have called her 3 times and still she's a no show. Well my next call will give her 3 days to get them and then they are going on the compost pile.

Why are people like that? Why can't they just say yes or no and stick to their word? Why do things have to be at their convenience and not at yours when you are the one doing them a favor?

No more. This has happened before but it will not happen again. From now on I will divide and throw what I don't want on the compost pile.

Does anyone else get frustrated by this like I do

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drew51 SE MI Z5b/6a

Yes, my pet peeve is my neighbors promise something, and never follows through. I asked my neighbor for a phone number of a top soil supplier, and they never got it for me. I guess I have to keep asking and asking.

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wish I where your neigbhour
I would be there

Kind of puts the neigbhour in a bad spot though doesn't it
TO bad they just did not say, no thanks

Hope you remain good neigbhours.
It is just people
all of us do some dumb stuff
seems to me.

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livelydirt(Zn 4, Lively, ON)

Dowlinggram.... do you live in Dowling? (Sudbury) I'm in Lively

Here is a link that might be useful: Lively Dirt - The Garden Blog

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LivelyDirt-=-Hi Neighbour. Yes I live in Dowling

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I hear you. when a friend says she's interested in the division and never shows, it means she isnt interested. Perhaps she fetl compelled to accept when you mentioned it but is really not interested. Don't bother waiting. She may just end up throwing the plants out. In my case, when I do divisions, I stuff them in old pots and leave them on the curve as freebies. Always someone will come along and take them. I will assume that this someone is skilled in planting and will be able to take care of the divisions.

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