Erod1February 2, 2012

Hi all, haven't been around in a while hope everyone is well.

I didn't get any tulips in the ground this fall, so, I'm wondering if I can find any and buy them now, do I just plant, or put them in the fridge crisper for a month and then plant.

Please help! I so love my tulips.

Also, same question for hyacinths.

Thanks in advance


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I planted some new ones just last week. I got them at WalMart.
Last year I planted tulips and daffodils at this time of year and they came up and bloomed beautifully, and without freezing them first. I think our nights are still cold enough that it should do the job. Just make sure you water them thoroughly if you aren't getting any rain or snow so they will sprout. I spent the day watering my entire garden today.
Good luck.

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This is good to know, I have been eyeballing the bulbs in the store and wondering if I should take the dive and get some.


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