Blueberries??Where can I find them??

melissa_mumof4June 19, 2007

Hi everyone,

I have spent countless hours driving down back roads and countless amounts of gas money(much to hubbys despair) looking for some blueberry bushes(either bush or tall) where I am,

Could someone tell me a good location??? I have four kids and would love to pick some to store for winter use ???

I live just outside of Sturgeon Falls, and am not afraid to drive a ways to get these.

Thanks in advance,


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Judy_B_ON(Ontario 5B)

They aren't ripe for picking until end of July/mid August. You will need permission of the landowner to pick unless you are sure it is crown land, not Indian land, provincial or national park land or protected land.

Usually found on dry, rocky, granite based soils in full sun. Most blueberries in Ontario will be low bush. Rocky pink granite outcrop areas near lake or rivershore with juniper growing nearby would be good places to look. If you are driving near forested areas, much less likely to find them, they don't grow in good, deep soil nor in forests.

You are near the French River; have you ever taken out a canoe on any of the canoe routes? Should be blueberries somewhere along them.

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