Cestrum nocturnum Plant in NE Ohio

lovesgardeningJune 16, 2013

Hi all. I hope I'm in the right forum. Anyways I live in Israel and my mom fell in love with The amazing evening scent of my Cestrum nocturnum
Plant during her visit. I was wondering if anyone grows them around here and what they do with them in the winter. I know they don't like the cold weather In Israel which is pretty mild so I can't imagine what would happen here. It's in a big pot ��" my question is should I try to overwinter it in the house or in the garage Which is heated but gets less light. Please share your experiences and advice. Many thanks in advance,

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I would overwiinter it in the house. They are COMPLETELY sensitive to frost and cannot take it at all. But in the house they go into a semi dormant state and resume growth in the summer. They are so easy to grow. Dont keep it in the garage, I would keep it in the house. This is all based on my personal experience. This year I plan to put it into the ground and dig it up before winter.

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