Lilac - Help my new lilac is wilting!

mollybeeJune 28, 2010

I planted a "President Grevy Lilac" bush about a month ago and it's not doing real well. First we live at 10,000 in the mountains of Colorado with a short growing season and our soil is mostly decomposed granite. I've read several opinions from keep moist to don't water more than a few times a month???

We dug an area about 3 times the size of the pot it came in and filled around it with miracle grow garden soil and sheep peat with top soil so it would have something around it but granite but after about 1-1/2 weeks it has a wilted look plus it isn't a healthy green - it looks weak. I'm wondering if I should fertilize with some "Plant Tone"? I've heard that is good - but the guy at the nursery said not to worry about fertilizing the first year. I've mulched it thinking maybe it's too dry.......because it's been windy and hot - I watered it pretty heavy about 5 days ago and it stayed pretty moist. Still looks wimpy - don't know what to do? Any ideas?

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When you plant a new tree or shrub, all you need to do is to keep the soil moist. In other words to prevent the soil from drying out. Dont over water. Don't get too tied down by the frequency of watering. Just observe the soil moisture as a guide.

Miracle grow contains fertilizers. By any chance did you add more fertilizers? You don't use fertilizers in teh first year because this could cause root burns. When a plant is newly planted it might suffer from transplant shock but that usually happens within a short time of transplanting. This sounds more like a slow decline and I have to suspect the roots were injured either by overwatering or root burns.

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Thanks ianna
No....I didn't use any other fertilizer. Guess maybe then I'm under watering......the guy at the nursery said to water about once a week. I watered a bit more than that at first and then when it started looking droopy I backed off thinking I was overdoing it. I haven't watered now for almost a week and I think it looks just a bit worse??? But up until today it felt like there was still a nice amount of moisture about 2" below the surface. I don't know?? What about why it would look a bit washed out? Not yellow but not a healthy green.....wouldn't that mean it needs fertilized?

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I always add a layer of compost on the top of the soil when I put in a new tree or shrub, water that in and then I add a layer of straw mulch. I think it gives the plant a necessary boost after being transplanted. My lilacs do very well in somewhat dry conditions so I hardly ever water unless there is a drought situation. Stop watering for a while and see what happens. It will probably start to perk up. Mine are doing very well so I must be doing something right. One more thought. When you planted, did you tease the roots apart? If you don't then the roots keep circling like they do in the pot. Teasing them apart will encourage the roots to spread. Marg

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Add some bloodmeal too.

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Despite this being an old post, perhaps someone will find use from this...

Depending upon where the plant is located, you may want to consider something a little different to help the revival process along. Applying a little DC electricity on either side of the plant in the soil will probably help it recover quickly. Small amounts of electrical current will accelerate the plant's metabolism and help eradicate disease, kick-starting the tree into better health. In addition, it will help it assimilate nutrients more efficiently.

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