thinking of transplanting a hydrangea this weekend

FroofyCat(5)June 7, 2012

I got very behind on a lot of stuff I wanted to do back in April and May because I was waiting for a contractor to install a patio with pavers.

But the guy never got started and as time passed and as things turned out, I decided against spending the money on the patio and canceled the project. (more on this later)

So now I want to move a hydrangea (and do other things even though it's getting late, might have to wait till fall) The hydrangea is in too much shade as far as I can tell. It's tiny and last year stayed tiny and got like 3 blooms on it. If I had to bet money I'd say it has been in that location for over 5 years. And there was a dead one that never grew or bloomed at all not far from in when we moved in a year and a half ago.

It seems that a lot of yards I pass around here have huge, already covered in blooms hydrangeas in full sun. So I want to move it on Saturday. I can be diligent about watering. And I guess I'm willing to risk it dying.

But also, the guy who was going to do the patio is also the guy who installed the sprinkler system here like 30 years ago and has maintained it through the past 2 owners. His son does all the work now. Last year he opened and closed the sprinkler system. Since I canceled the patio I have not heard from him about the sprinkler. I wonder if I ticked him off??

But on the other hand, I was actually going to let the yard go dormant this year and possibly not use the sprinkler system at all. Or else I suppose him not showing could light a fire under us to figure it out ourselves.

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Last year in July, I moved a hydrangea that I had planted at least 10 years previous. This baby was huge! I did the digging and hubby picked it up because it was too heavy. I was very surprised at how small the root ball was after 10 years or more..I put it in it's new home with a small bag of good potting mix and watered daily. It is doing great!!!
It has tons of buds and is looking just the way it did when It was in it's old home.

I say, have at it and water away.

Good luck

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I'd go for it. Aside from careful watering afterwards, consider shading it, if there's any sunny weather after the move. You can use a patio umbrella if you have one, or rig up something with tarps (kept well away from the foliage) and/or other moveable items. This will really help prevent the leaves from wilting beyond recovery, without having to drown the roots - drowning is at least as big a danger as its opposite. Wilting is actually OK, as long as the leaves recover by early morning, but the foliage seems to be more susceptible to scorcing when it's wilted - IMHO.

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girlcat36(6 ish)

I'm being forced to move 3 hydrangeas in the next few days. My neighbor is installing a fence and apparently my entire flower bed has been in her yard for the last 15 years, so all my plants must be moved, ASAP, or I'll lose them.
Good luck with moving yours!

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