cactus flowers 2010

jimhardyJune 4, 2010

Here's what's bloomed so far-(cactus)

Warning-some low picture quality.

Oops,how did that get in there?

Anyone what to guess where it is?

1 more barrel(E.triglochidiatus)to go!.....

and H.parvaflora-the bloom stalk is about 6'

Thanks for looking!

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They're gorgeous! Congratulations on getting them to bloom - if I'm not mistaken they only bloom once a year so it's a long wait, but from your results, well worth it.

Since I live in a colder zone I can only grow them in pots and believe me, it's not easy to get them to bloom. After years of trying with only a few successes, I finally gave up. Last year I threw all my cactus plants away - some were over 30 years old and grown from seed.
Your pictures are a reminder that cactus blooms are indeed some of the most strikingly beautiful flowers around.
Thanks for posting.

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The ironic part of this is,they actually need 'some' cold temps to bloom.

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