Cherish Rose or Not ?

SilverFlower3a(MB CANADA)June 1, 2005

Last year I bought this Rose at Wal-Marts and the label said it was a Cherish Rose. I planted it and I got only 2 flowers on it. But, here is the question ...First it blooms a very light Apricot/Yellow then it CHANGES midway to Pink/Dark pink. Does anyone know what it really is ? Thanks. Liz. I tried to figure out how to send a picture, but can't figure out what I am supposed to type in the "Optional Link URL: or Name of the Link:

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karen_w(5 MI)

Sounds to me like the top (grafted) part died and the rootstock took over. Do you like the blooms?
If you want to get a zillion replies, post this on the rose forum.
There's a huge percent of Wal Mart roses that are mislabeled and/or mistreated and they die completely.

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