what calendar are your plants on this season?

mrtulinJune 3, 2010

My kirengeshoma (sp) has buds. Had buds. I pinched it back hard. I dont need flowers in JUne! I'd been re-reading the "Well Tended Garden" by Tracey D-S, and was feeling pretty fearless.

Yesterday, I went after the Joe Pye Weed which was already 5 feet tall, and the chelone which is a month ahead of itself. Although I had pruned back the spirea 'shirobana' and b. crimson pygmy a month ago, they looked untouched and were way out of their alloted space. Off with their heads!

The shirobana was loaded with buds, so we'll see if it will bloom on masse later or just be a skimpy rebloom.

I'm just baffled by the garden growth this year.


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I already have black-eyed susans and purple coneflower in bloom. That's so crazy. I walked past a row of hydrangea yesterday that looked about to burst. All of this stuff shouldn't even be thinking about blooming!

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gardengranny2(6 CT)

I was just discussing this in a post in the Cottage Garden forum.

Please take a look.



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My Wm Baffin rose usually is at peak the end of June -- My Mom's birthday -- so I remember its timing. It peaked about 5-6 days ago, a full month ahead of schedule. Still looking good. Maybe it will hold on longer with some roller coaster hot/cool weather.

As I am rushing to finish mulching and edits and whatnot, I keep having to remind myself that I'm really not as far behind schedule as I feel. Its the plants and the season that is screwing things up and being so ahead of itself.

I'm hoping that with a return to more normal temps in the next few days, I can really zip thru tasks and catch up with the plants.

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It's odd, all right. I don't even want to think what it will be like in August, since I'm way too lazy to be cutting things back before they bloom (although I DO admire your gumption, Idabean!).

The Well Tended Perennial Garden is on the shelf, and it will stay there until the first frost - the last thing I need now is Ms. DiSabato-Aust pushing me around.

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Normaly my roses have a peak of bloom in mid June and whatever blooms later usually had been destroyed by JB.
Ha-ha, not this year! You are not going to eat them nasty creatures!
Everything is a 3 weeks ahead of time. Even hydrangeas, which normally just start blooming last week of June, will be in full color next week.
I guess, abnormally warm end of March- early of April did a trick.

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hmmm... I wonder if JBs will be ahead of schedule too???

Record warm May here as well as March/April.

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

I cut back chrysanthemums and asters yesterday and started some cuttings from the chrysanthemums for a change. I have had a few that are hardy and hope they will root for me. I really had to cut them back, they were all so TALL! One Chrysanthemum was almost 3ft tall already and starting to push out flower buds. I like mine about a foot and a half tall and covered in flowers about September or so. I am wondering if I am going to have to cut them back more than once.

The Kolkwitzia in the fr*ont yard is finishing up blooming and it usually starts about the 1st of June.

I wonder if this is what the g*ardening season is usually like in zone 7 or 8.

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diggerdee zone 6 CT

I also cut back some mums yesterday - also about 3 feet tall and budding! I'd say they are three weeks to a month ahead of schedule. We'll probably definitely have to cut them back again, PM2.

My roses were early, I've got lilies blooming early, perennial foxgloves were a bit early - I could probably go on. At the farm I work at, I saw a stand of daisies in full bloom - granted they were in a protected spot, but isn't it way too early for them? Mine don't even have stalks/stems yet, just foliage.

Just walked by my monarda today that is about five feet tall and wondered if I waited to long to cut back. Looks like there are already buds...

"... the last thing I need now is Ms. DiSabato-Aust pushing me around...."

Too funny, dtd!


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