wil cuttings from flowering crab root?

xcaret(Calgary Alberta)June 18, 2012

I see these beautiful pink flowering crabapple trees and would like to take a few cuttings but my propagation book shows they dont root . Has anyone done this?


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You might possibly get semi-hardwood cuttings taken in mid to late summer (probably late July-ish) to root in a propagation bed or a little improvised greenhouse (tray of rooting media inside a clear plastic bag) IF you use one of the high-strength rooting powders made to root hard-to-start cuttings.

You could also try dormant cuttings in fall/winter with bottom heat and rooting hormone.

I guess the ability of apple to root varies widely from variety to variety. Some of the rootstocks used commercially apparently root quite easily from cuttings, others hardly at all.

Worth a try, you probably wouldn't be out much except for the cost of a few supplies.

Here is a link that might be useful: Rooting powders, gels, etc form a random web page I found

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