clover in flowers

wyograss(4)June 28, 2009

I have an ongoing battle with white clover in my flower bed. I pull it and it keeps coming back. It has now taken over 50% of the space and is choking out everything from ornamental strawberries to day lillies. Is there anything I can do short of using Roundup on the entire bed and starting over?

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You don't have to use roundup on the entire bed. Pull the ones around your plants and then get one or 2 pieces of cardboard. Put the cardboard in front of the plants so they don't get sprayed, go in close and spray the clover with round-up. If it does get on your plants a spray bottle with water will wash it off and so it won't hurt your plants. If you are diligent and pull what comes up so it doesn't go to seed you'll get rid of it.

I spray the quack grass in a couple of my flower beds every spring and it never harms my plants or the annuals I plant later

My Grandfather had a saying: Let one weed go to seed and you'll have a thousand the next year

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Yes, use cardboard, but not Roundup. Lay the cardboard or thick layers of newspaper (at least 8 sheets) around the plants & cover with mulch. The cardboard or newspaper will decompose, adding substance and nutrients to the soil, and it will choke out weeds for this season (you'll have to do it again next year, but just keep all your non-glossy cardboard and newspapers over winter).

Other benefits are obvious recycling, as well as the porous quality of the materials that allow moisture to seep into the ground, and help to discourage evaporation, making watering needed less frequently. Just cover with mulch & enjoy your beautiful garden. You will only need to weed around the very base of your plants.

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