last years pumpkin seeds?

willy807(3A Ontario)June 7, 2005

I have pumpkin seeds from last Halloween, and I would like information on how to grow these.I am on the outskits of Thunder Bay, Ontario and do not even know the zone I am, as you may have already guessed I am very new to this, also I would like to transplant some rhubarb, is this the wrong time of year? Thank-you.

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Willy. just looked you up and you are in Zone 3A. Hope that helps a bit .Lorraine

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loomis(Z6a Western MA)

I don't know what the last frost date is in your region, but you could plant the pumpkin seeds now & hope they have enough time to mature. Just plant several in a hill & keep them watered. With regard to rhubarb, I doubt that anyone has been able to kill it yet, so I would go ahead & transplant it.

If you research the web, you will likely get dozens of different opinions. I usually read them all then do my own thing. My credo in gardening is: "Only two things will happen, but there's only one way to find out."

The second thing I remember reading long ago is: "Put back into the soil what you take out." That is, start a compost pile, add grass clipping & leaves to your soil, and take good care of it.

So go ahead, do your thing, make mistakes, experiment, learn, and enjoy. But I must warn you, gardening is very addictive!

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Hi Will! Greetings FROM thunder bay too! i don't post here, but enjoy looking at everyones garden, and i will say they are great! and i've gotten lots of ideas from here. i hope you planted those seeds, you haven't anything to lose but time. this year i will have another small garden, but i will tell you raspbery bushes that i have transplanted have come up really nice (did this last year). also i bought alot of seeds from the $ store, one package was a mixed salad, they didn't come up at all last year, but you should see it right now, looks like it will be a great salad soon. anyways i had all these seeds marked package for 2004 they never got planted because my husband decided to have a heart attack during planting season (he is not the gardener, and wouldn't get his hands dirty if he was paid too). to make a long story short, i planted all the veggie seeds during the long weekend and they are coming up nicely (i didn't buy seeds this year because of hubby's illness). one thing a neighbour told me was to leave the leaves on the rhubard, so the energy goes back into the plant. are you going on the plant tour here in town? if you are let us know what it was like.

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Krazy_Canuck(3b ON, Canada)

Hey cool, other Thunder Bayers! :-) Im one too. Its a small gardening world. I didnt have any luck with pumpkins last year, Willy, but i had them in a slightly shady location too. My pumpkins have taken off like mad this year in a different location. I just dug a hole, filled it with compost, hilled up more compost, covered it with some topsoil, and put my transplants in. Not sure if you will have quite enough time from seed but hey if you have a very sunny location why not give it a go :-)
I've noticed they drink water like i have to keep an eye on them.

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Hi! I'm in zone 5 as you can see. Last Halloween - just for fun - we smashed the pumpkin that had been sitting on the entry steps and left the seeds there. During the winter that followed there was lots of snow and ice in that spot along with some dry leaves and plant debris. This spring we got about 8 hearty pumpkin plants which are just now starting to vine. The leaves are about as big as a piece of notebook paper. They are doing very well.

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