crazyoneJune 16, 2009

has any one had success with lifting tulip bulbs after the leaves yellow and storing for a move? but quite possibly the move will not be until winter so how do I store and if i plant in spring will anything grow ( i realize they will not bloom most likely)

however i do have the option of a worked up plot of dirt i could move them too now on our land only to transplant again next spring or fall

any opinions?

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When in winter are you moving, and when does the soil freeze in your area?

I have a couple of ideas, but it's best to know timetables so you're not doing work at the wrong time of year to create more hassles.

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time of move is dependant on sale of current home and build time of new one.

I have dug most already after the leaves turned brown and now have in a mesh basket drying with tops still atached.

i can work up an area out there but i worry about gophers and such digging up or will most rodents leave alone until they actually come up again in spring?

PS soil freezes in about dec.

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jroot(5A Ont. Canada (near Guelph))

I have "heeled in" tulips into pots, and let them die back in the early summer. These pots can be put out in the early winter, and brought into the garage for the really cold time of winter. I even put on top of them a few shovels full of snow. It may be worth the exra effort. Right now I have 6 large pots cram packed full of tulip bulbs I lifted so that I could plant my dahlias. In the fall, I will lift the dahlias and plant the tulip bulbs.

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