salvaging a brown brandon cedar

skdutchgirlJune 6, 2007

Hi. I just bought a new house last year, and transplanted a brandon almost 6 feet tall. I perhaps damaged the roots, didn't water enough in the fall, and let it get dessicated in the long transition from winter to spring... All of the tree other than the bottom foot has browned tight to the tips. At the bottom it's still green and soft. Is there hope of salvaging this tree so that it eventually is attractive again? If so, should I cut the brown parts all off? Or is it best to give it a quick death? Thanks for your input; this is my first posting and I'm excited to learn from the great collective wisdom out there.

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glen3a(Winnipeg MB 3A)

When you say "transplanting" I am not sure if you mean taking an existing tree that was growing in your yard and moving it, or buying one from the nursery and just plopping it out of the pot and into the ground.

Regardless, there is severe winter damage on your conifer. If there truly isn't any new growth on the top 5 feet of the plant, that part is likely dead. Cedars sort of work that way. If they come through winter green and healthy, great. If the branches have brown foliage mixed with green, the plant will likely repair itself. If totally brown it's not as likely. I'd be tempted to wait a few more weeks to see if new growth comes, but if the branch ends are dry and crumbling it's not likely. But, seeing as time is of the essence (stores are running out of nursery stock) it's really up to you.

If the top five feet of the plant is dead it could regrow from the live part near the base (the first foot), but may take quite a bit of time to make up the height again. They grow approximately a foot tall per year.

Plus, there's no guarantee that the plant will be the same nice shape it once was.


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