Cover crop for small garden?

garrai81July 27, 2014

I have a small backyard garden near the Columbia river, just west of Portland, OR.

Right now, it's about 10 x 20 feet.

What winter cover crops do folks use around this area?

I have some permanent residents of the garden (blackberry and raspberry plants), so I can't till a cover crop under in the Spring.

I use grass clippings in the summer to suppress weeds.



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We've used red clover for this purpose more than once, in a similar-sized area.

Plant in September or as soon as other plantings are removed, you need clover inches high in order to survive some winters.

Spade it under in late March or April. This is a fairly coarse ground cover, it needs several (3-5) weeks to decompose.

Grass clippings are fine, watch out for too many grass seeds being introduced.

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I like to use buckwheat. Grows fast, good thick cover. Winter kills in my area, which is good, but the dead plant provides protection for the ground during the winter.

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