beaver67(Kootenays, B.C.)July 22, 2004

I have 4-5 blueberry bushes. My wife planted them 3 years ago between raspberries and black currant bushes. The currants and raspberries are doing great but the blueberries are sad. They have not grown any larger since they were planted and look kind of yellow. They are on the side of our veggie garden in full sun. I'm wondering if perhaps the soil is not good enough or too good for them. I could transplant them to an area that is fairly sandy and build up the soil prior to planting them. I have a few yards of 2 year old horse manure and a pile of chicken manure my disposal. I also have umpteem bales of hay, lots of green grass and a pile of wood shavings/chips/sawdust (mostly pine) I could mix into the sandy soil. So, what do bluberries like? Given my soil enhancement options what would you suggest.


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Woody_Canada(~USz5 - Canada)

They need acid soil. The yellowing is usually an indication that the soil is not acid enough. Are they highbush types or the wild (lowbush) types? If they're highbush, check the information in the link below. If they're lowbush go to :

Here is a link that might be useful: Highbush Blueberries for the Home Garden

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