Burks Falls or Huntsville area

achnatherum(z4or3 Ontario)July 20, 2007

Any one on this forum gardening up there?? I am moving to that area from a USDA zone 5 garden.

What is the zone ???

Is anyone willing to talk to me about what definitely won't grow up there - HELP!!


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dannie(3b NWO Canada)

I don't live there but I looked up your zone. You will be gardening in Canadian Zone 4a. Since you are in zone 5 USD, I suspect that you will be able to bring most of your plants with you if that is what you were planning to do. I find that most zones in the US are one up from the Canadian ones (ie. Zone 3 CDN is zone 4 USD). The following site will give you ideas on what you can grow in your zone.

Here is a link that might be useful: Vesey's plants for zone 4a.

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achnatherum(z4or3 Ontario)

I don't know where you looked it up but, I was unable to determine from any of the maps I looked at whether I fell into a USDA zone 4 or 3. It is definitely NOT a zone 5 - I live in a zone 5 in the most southerly part of Ontario.
Although you are right about the Canadian zones being one step different from the American ones - it actually works the other way. For instance, my present USDA zone 5 garden is a Canadian Zone 6 garden.
What I was hoping for from this post was a gardener from the area to chime in and give me an idea what they were growing. I have lots of plants to move north & I would like to know which ones are a definite 'no go'!

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Hello "A", Where are you bringing the plants from? I grow all kinds of plants here. Perennials and annuals. Let me know the names of your plants and perhaps I can let you know how hardy they are here, if that would help you.

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dannie(3b NWO Canada)

This is the site where I found it.


Funny how your zone works... up here in Thunder Bay, we are zone 3a according to the Canadian hardiness map and 4 with the USDA. I guess I can't generalize.


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chris_ont(5a Ont)

I think that, besides the zone, you also need to check into the soil conditions up there.
It's heavily forested but you're sitting on the 'canadian shield' which means that, in places, the soil is very thin.

My mother lived due west of Huntsville, in Parry Sound, and she grew just about anything that we grow a little further south from there. She even had a cherry tree!

She had to compete a bit with the bears for the berries, though. The abundance of wildlife up there (deer, rabbits, etc) might make some plants a challenge (i.e. hostas).
That said, my mother's greatest garden nemesis was the neighbor's cat!

The area around Huntsville, in my view, is some of the most beautiful real estate in the world. (If you're into hiking, fishing, swimming, wildlife, boating and don't mind a long winter :)
Welcome to Ontario !

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achnatherum(z4or3 Ontario)

Hi Chris!
You are right about 'conditions other than zone'. The soil is sand - lots of it. I would have rather been a bit closer to the 'rock' as it would have limited my gardening - I need help limiting my gardening as I am an addict!
As for Parry Sound, by the look of the map, the closer you get to Georgian Bay, the higher the zone. That would figure as large bodies of water modify temperature extremes
Thanks for the 'thumbs up' on the Huntsville area - we are quite pleased with our purchase.

Now all we have to do is find a gardener who wants to buy a house & VERY large garden in S. W. Ontario!!

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achnatherum(z4or3 Ontario)

I thought you might like to see what we are leaving behind to move to the 'Near North'

Here is a link that might be useful: Our Garden Through the Seasons - 2006

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sydseeds(5A /ON)

At a sports camp between Huntsville and Burks Falls is where I bartered my landscaping skills in exchange for a couple weeks of camp for my kid on Clear lake.

Everything grows there - be mindful of the deer who like to eat pretty flowers and the bears who will take over your compost bins and fruiting vines.

If you are ever interested in swapping perennials, let me know - I am up there gardening again during the last two weeks of August prepping the gardens for a pending lakeside wedding on the labour day weekend.

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kristal(3b MN)

Wow - I have never heard of this area, but you've certainly caught my attention. My maiden name is Burks, and I haven't seen the name used very often other than in the southern US states.

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sharont(z5 can)

Blow me over, D. The property you've found must be very attractive!
We have property (rock base) in Muskoka east of Bracebridge. My gardening there is limited to shade, rock humus, versus my home garden (you know where my approximate location is). Difference in Muskoka soils is sand and rock plus acid forest floor. Hope you have some clay. The temperature difference by one Zone 4 versus 5a refers to frost leaving the ground at a slower rate. The benefit is lots of snow cover.
But the nastiest threat to gardening in the north Muskoka area is the 'black flies and mosquitoes' which drive me to distraction. I'm shuddering now! Many days & evenings I run for protection, dropping shovel, pots and gloves on the way!
Living in the northern parts of central Ontario is worth the move - to a slower pace of living and less traffic not counting high summer cottage season.
I believe the Hunsville & possible Baysville Horticultural Society is very active.
The decision of what plants to bring with you is daunting but you might as well try growing everything, except Rose of Sharon, LOL Some of your grasses will need protected site I think.
A temporary sand bed the size of a tennis court is what I see you constructing!
I'm sure you'll find those pockets in your new garden spaces where you will 'push' the Zone guidelines.
As an example I planted a Catalpa tree four years ago at our cottage, grown from seed. It has grown 6" a year to a grand height of 7 feet but what counts is that it has survived! Meanwhile here in clay those same Catalpas are 12 feet and some are blooming!
I wonder if you'll experiment with Rock Gardening next?
Good Luck & Enjoy

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