orleansgardenerJuly 2, 2006

I have a problem with pest(s) in my garden  but I am not sure what to do since I have seen no actual insects on these plants. I have posted some pictures at:

1) Hostas  Is this slug damage or something else? I have looked and seen no slugs in my garden. I put out some strips of carpet for them to "hide" under during the day but there are none there after a week. As you can see, I did put copper around one of the hostas (some of the leave damage had already been done so the copper may be effective). Another of my hostas is also showing similar damage as are a few of my echinacea (though not many of them and I have a lot. It is the young ones that are being damaged).

2) I am not sure what this plant is called  it grows 12-18" tall, has a pinkish purple flower (long spike). It has been cut off 4 to 6" above the ground and the tops left on the ground. We do have rabbits around (we back on a ravine)  could they be the culpert? I think the first of the marigold shots is of the same type of damage. I did not think much of anything bothered marigolds  which is why I bought them.

3) Marigolds  I think these may have 2 attackers  one that cuts them off, another that seems to really like to eat the leaves.

Any help that can be offered would be appreciated

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jak1(4 Ontario Can)

I live in the town of Perth, not far from you. I have a lot of earwigs this summer, so that might be what is damaging the hostas. Although I would think you might have seen them by now....In terms of the tall plant being cut off, it looks like the spikes have been cleanly bitten off, which might be due to deer. The deer bit off my hosta blooms last night - but left hoof prints in the garden so I am sure that is what happened.

The leaves of the marigolds look like they have been attacked by sonme kind of caterpillar. Look for small green worms. Ithink those little devils will eat anything.

I have had rabbits chewing off my geraniums and I thought nothing would eat those either. They have left the chewed off leaves in the garden.

You can use some kind of earwig bait to get rid of them, or put out a sucer of beer to see what you catch - slugs or earwigs.

The little green worms can be handpicked (gross, I know) or perhaps discouraged with a soap and water spray.

Deer and rabbits - well, if you come up with something, let me know. I have not had much success with the Irish Spring soap thing, or with Critter Ridder.

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I live up in Northern Ontario and we have been plagued by earwigs. My hostas have also been damaged by these "pests" and my marigolds eaten to pieces - literally. The earwigs strip the marigolds of their leaves. I also found them inside the roses. I've been using earwig pellets to try and maintain control but I'm not sure it's working. It certainly doesn't get rid of them. If anybody has ideas on how to get rid of them, please let us all know.

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