Ostrich Fern

allandale(3b)July 3, 2009

I recently planted roots purchased at nursery and while new growth started within a few days, it does not appear normal. Most fronds are growing horizontally from crown and are twisted and warped. At time of purchase there were some stunted-looking stalks that had been sheared back, but I assumed this was due to packing conditions. However, all of the new growth appears the same.I was careful selecting culture and soil medium and there is no evidence of disease or rot. It's possible that a commercial fertilizer used on nearby plants, strayed to the ferns, but no other products have been used. Could it be that I planted the roots in the wrong position? Any suggestions would be welcome.

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I don't have an Ostrich fern but I do have ferns. The first ones that come out in the spring are horizontal but held above the ground in a gentle arch. As the plant fills in they become more and more erect. My advice is wait and see. They may be planted a little too shallowly. Although the rhisomes run just below the ground the crown has to be covered slightly.

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