HELP! My beans are being devoured!

Squeekie(Quebec, Canada)July 2, 2004

Hi everyone,

I planted two long rows of green and yellow beans about twelve days

ago and it seems that as soon as a shoot comes up, a nasty and

voracious bug is there waiting to eat it up! I was told that they

were most likely some kind of grey worms. Does anyone have a good

trick to keep those guys away from my food?

Thanks a million!


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zucchini(5a ONT)

I have had the same problem with my beans...both long french beans, bush beans, and Scarlet runners...First I dusted the leaves with ashes...still they became lacy..Now I have sprayed diluted insectisidle soap (my spellig is off)..just spray under the leaves and over the leaves, and again after it rains. I don't know what else to use as I have an organic garden. My basil, and peppers both hot and red are also being eaten..could be earwigs, or any number of critters..good luck..martha/zucchini

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I would suggest locating diatomaceous earth as a possible treatment for the caterpillars. It is silicon (sand) made up of ancient diatoms (water dwelling microscopic organisms).

This material gets into the openings and soft body parts of insect pests and dries them out.

You can find this material in many garden stores. Just look at the label of some of the organic insect dusts.

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sammyqc(NE Quebec/zn 4/5a)

A really good trick I read somewhere (maybe even here) is to plant large cans around each plant. Big apple juice cans worked for me. Plant, then shove the can down about half way arond the plant. I also use tons of eggshells all around too. It also helped when we were still getting frost warnings, none of my plants bit the dust. So far, mine are doing great, keeps the slugs away. If they're still getting eaten up, you could try sticky tape arond the cans to catch the invaders. I guess you would have to change the tape every once in a while (gross!!!), but it works on the crawly guys. Now for the flying ones.....

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jnette(E WA State)

BT is for worms, catapillers. I can't spell what it stands for but all nurserys or stores know what you are talking about when you just say BT. Jeanette

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