Need name of this flower? Puple cluster

ramonas_gardenJuly 12, 2009

I need to identify this flower. It is growing along side of a fence mostly shade. I have found photos online but the flower isn't named.

A picture I found on Flickr.

, better than the Flickr photo,
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It looks like Campanula glomerata/Clustered Bellflower. Not sure of the variety but maybe 'Purple Pixie'? Marg

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Yes I think it is clustered bell flower as well. Mine spread a lot and I keep ripping them out. Pretty but I wouldn't put them in a bed where you want things to be nice and neat. Well at least I wouldn't.

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Thanks so much for your answers. That's exactly what it is. I did an image search on "clustered bellflower" and bingo. I too thought it was some type of bellflower but I had never seen them clustered.

Thanks again.

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