taste transfers

nanatina(3b CDN/4b USDA)July 21, 2004

Hey all

Been noticing something this yr that I never noticed in previous yrs.

I planted arugual with other leafy greens and almost all of them ended up having the spicy tang of arugula.

Now I just tasted some oregano which has nasturtiums near it and it is the spiciest oregano I have EVER tasted. Took me totally by surprise and I almost choked on it!! I think I will be moving the nasturtium (planted actually to trap aphids) away from the oregano as I really like oregano - the way it is supposed to taste. I love nasturtium in my salads and such but definitely not in my oregano.

I've heard that if you plant hot peppers in the same pot as tomatoes you'll get spicy tomatoes. I've planted them in close proximity before, but I guess not enough to notice a capsicum transfer.

Anyone else notice taste transfers in their gardens?


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glen3a(Winnipeg MB 3A)

Haven't noticed this, but an interesting topic. And the plants weren't even touching? I guess it's possible with plants that are aromatic that the scent might get transfered to a nearby plant.

If the tomatoes did turn out spicy it might save on using peppers in the pasta sauce, lol.

Interesting to hear more responses.

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nanatina(3b CDN/4b USDA)

The oregano and nasturtium are touching in some areas, but the spiciness is in the leaves that are not touching as well. It isn't the scent being transfered it is definitely just the taste. The scent of the oregano is as per usual. When you first put it in your mouth, it tastes like oregano. It is the aftertaste that hits you.

Leafy greens that tasted of arugula were mostly not touching.
Wonder if there is a market for spicy oregano?
I'm still looking forward to other interesting responses as well!!

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Broccoli and cauliflower were grown for a few years on a field in my area. The next owners planted strawberries and they tasted of cauliflower. They couldn't sell the berries.

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