That time in the gardening season...

carol6ma_7ari(zones 6 & 7a)July 15, 2011

...when you find yourself standing near your overproducing zucchini plants saying "Die! Die!"

...when you carefully count your apricots on the tree and consider electric fencing, all for 5 fruits.

..when you're exhausted by deadheading, not weeding.


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...when you look at your water bill and pray for more rain
...when you wish you had finished springtime chores in the springtime
...when you wonder why you had to create so many new beds and have every new plant over the years

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whitegarden(Z5 MA)

...when you find that plants you love don't seem to get larger.
...when you find that plants you think are so-so have gotten too big
...when you go away for the weekend and find that a herd of deer have come thru your garden in your absence.
...when you can write a book about deer-resistant plants just by looking in your perennial beds.

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bill_ri_z6b(Zone 6B)

...when you start wondering why you made some of those choices this past spring.
...when you think about how good a hot cup of tea will be when you come in from fall leaf raking.
...when you start thinking of how you're going to torture yourself NEXT year!

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- when you have to face the fact that you're just NOT going to find Mexican bush sage this year, no matter how many nurseries you check, or how often (or fill in the blank with whatever plant you love that you've taken for granted year after year)

- when you have to admit to yourself that nimble Will (or your favorite weed to hate) has beaten you for yet another year - it's absolutely everywhere

- when you wonder where the heck everyone is who normally hangs around on the NE-GW forum

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

~ when you count the number of beds that you want to 'rework' when the weather's cooler

~ when you stop complaining about not having full sun everywhere and are grateful for all that shade.

~when you wave at the weeds and the columbine about to drop it's seed on your way by.

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-when it's just too darn hot after 9 AM to spend time outside if I'm not wet.

-when I cheer when I wake up to gray skies and a prediction of rain.

-when I'm glad I planted all those clematis and hydrangeas and wish I had more daylilies since they seem to be about the only thing in bloom right now.

-when I am enjoying my first basil and anticipating my first tomatoes as some of them are starting to turn red.

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...when 'water' and 'moist' become four-letter words
...when you begin to worship anything drought-tolerant no matter its size, shape, color, height, width, form or habit
...when you're thankful most of your beds get only 2-3 hours of full sun per day instead of 6-8
...when you pat yourself on the back for planting lots of daylilies in amongst all the other perennials

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claireplymouth z6b coastal MA

...when I remind myself that it's OK for a lawn to go dormant and turn brown.
...when I'm thankful for good old common roses that just keep blooming away even if rosarians sneer at them.
...when I agonize over where I'm going to move all those plants I put in as fillers while the other plants grew up. The other plants have now grown up. and up.
...when I try to decide when's the best time to crawl under the old forsythia and rescue the daylilies that are lost under there, without tromping on the new shade plant bed.


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... you are actually *happy* to see your first zucchini
... you go away for a weeks vacation and you wonder who planted all the oxalis while you were away
... when you practice saying with a straight face "You mean today is the 18th? I thought it was the 17th. I would never have watered if I knew today was an even day?"

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SCPearson(5 NE CT)

...I'm already thinking about making a list of things to refrain from planting next year.
... I think the weeds in my garden have sopped up all the plant fertilizer to grow to super size.
... I'm still waiting for morning glory flowers to show up.
....I'm waiting for the tomatoes to turn red.
.... I look at my garden and start thinking about the transplanting that will need to be done.
...I'm reading about winter sowing to try it for the first time this coming year.
....I'm so happy to have found GW and can continue to enjoy the New England forum members' wonderful sense of humor!

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rockman50(6b SEMASS)

When you return from a week-long vacation and discover that your Crape Myrtle has finally formed numerous large flower bud clusters that will bloom in August!

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terrene(5b MA)

When I am....

...Winding down from a busy gardening season and float into those "lazy, hazy" days of summer; taking a break and trying to enjoy the gardens

...Thinking about googling "rain dance" because I could be a lot lazier if we got some freakin' rain!!

...Getting excited for tomato, cucumber, and basil salads - fresh from the garden and only eaten during the summer. Oh and fresh corn on the cob, from the fields around here

...Constantly surprised and often (but not always) delighted by the interesting wildlife behavior that takes place on my little green acre. Just had a family of turkeys with Mom, Dad, and 6 babies pass thru this morning!

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...When I look outside at the 30+ containers on my patio that all get hand watered and say "What was I thinking???"

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when the sight of a giant thundercloud approaching makes me jump for joy (the temperature dropped about 20 degrees in 5 minutes - pure bliss)

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claireplymouth z6b coastal MA

...when I start out in the garden wearing shorts because it's so hot, but have to change to long pants because the biting flies consider bare legs irresistible. It's hard to deadhead with one hand, balancing on one leg, while the other hand slaps the flies. They particularly like ankles.

...when I stand outside the door wearing long pants, and find that a cloud of hopeful biting flies are swarming around my legs anyway, even though they can't bite through the fabric. Like a whirling dervish I twist and turn and wave my arms trying to get inside the house without being accompanied by the flies.


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When you grab 6 quart boxes to go pick cherries off the trees that you picked 2 quarts in 10 min. 2 days ago and find the birds got all of them.

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runktrun(z7a MA)

...when I watch observe and learn more about the weeds in my garden than the plants I spent 11 months dreaming about.

...When I see a couple of plants that I swear I never planted and suddenly start believing in garden elves.

...When I start dreaming about ripping everything out and starting over come September 1st.

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@ runktrun - LOL. I found a Heucherella this week, blithely growing under a hydrangea, and I haven't even tried growing those in at least 10 years.

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. . . when I'm glad I spent the time and effort in the spring to mulch the vegetable garden ;)

. . . when I wish I had exerted the same effort and enthusiasm to finish mulching the perennials :(

. . . when I wish my daily extermination of Japanese beetles was truly an EXTERMINATION!

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