venus dogwood and new hamshire dogwood

rqhansen(4b)July 12, 2011

Has anyone tried the new VENUS DOGWOOD (from Burnt Ridge Nursery) in Zone 4? There is some suggestion that it might do ok. It is disease and somewhat drought resistant. I wanted to get one for my mom and sister in South Dakota Zone 4b.

I have read about the New Hampshire Dogwood but there does not seem to be any record of where one might be able to get it. Rumor has it that it might be at one of the arboretums?

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I just noticed that there is also the Milky Way and Starlite Dogwood, also from the same Rutgers Breeding program. Anyone in zone 4 with experience?

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tsugajunkie z5 SE WI

South Dakota winter winds might do them in, let alone the 4b climate. I have a Cornus kousa 'Satomi' and it occationally gets a bit of winter fry.


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'Satomi' does beautifully here, and in just its third year of growth, put on an outstanding floral display (bract display?), which persisted over a very long period.
Venus is new to me, not yet planted in the ground. But I have seen it flower and it is spectacular. And since it is zone rated lower than Satomi, I have every expectation that it will perform well.
But all my cornus are grown out of the wind.

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Hi, we need two trees replaced and I'm very interested in the Venus, esp since I'm a bit north, I had 2 nurseries, one 5 mins from me (don't stock bc its Zone 6) and one 20 mins from me (its zone 5 according to them and they have one) give me conflicting Zone hardiness.

I'm a bit wary now because I can't seem to find enough info with anyone growing them up here in Southwestern Ontario. Theres a C. Kousa Chinensis that is absolutely gorgeous here at half the price and I'm actually tempted to get it BUT if the Venus Blooms rivals that AND is really more Zone hardy then the choice is made.
Anyone growing the Venus in Zone 5 or lower?

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I know I never got a reply but just wanted any Canadian Zone 5 gardeners to know that my Venus survived our brutal winter with 2 broken branches but absolutely is Gorgeous!!! She is attracting non stop attention and people are stopping to ask my what kind of tree she is. I'm glad I didn't listen to my local nursery and drove an hour to get her.

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Congratulations! The Venus dogwood is beautiful. I heard that it was more winter hardy than most and it seems that you have proven that with your trial in a zone 5 winter. Is it in somewhat of a sheltered location? It is only one year old?? WOW

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Well it's been 10 months since we planted her! She was about a foot shorter. I'm hoping for more height and sturdier branches after she's done flowering. I'm not just in zone 5 , we get brutal snow here by the lake and we lost a branch or two..well they broke but we put electrical tape on it and they still bloomed profusely on the broken branches. Will have to cut when done flowering. She is partly under a mature maple and gets afternoon/evening sun only. The hole we dug was prepped really well with composted manure, peat moss, lime and we put a pipe in for good watering.

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Mine put on an absolutely stunning display this year. It's flowering period for the first year in the ground was disappointing. This year, it bloomed for at least 6 weeks, finally ending July 5th.
I can't speak highly enough about this cornus.

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How is your Venus flowering this year?

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Not sure how 'Venus' could be hardier than Kousa (Chinese Flowering) Dogwood? It's parents are Kousa and the tender Pacific Dogwood.

That said, Kousa Dogwood's hardiness is often understated...I'd say both are very safe through all of zone 5.

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My 'Venus' survived 2012/2013 winter OK and was flowering profusely, but this past winter seemingly kill it.

And out of my 3 kousa's, 1 is dead. (2 whites are alive, 'Satomi' is dead), all of them were 3 year old and I never had any winter die-backs or anything... until this last winter.

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