cuttings in rain

noticklish(z5/6 CT)July 2, 2009

Just wondering if anyone is having good luck with rooting cuttings in this rainy weather. I can't seem to get my boxwood stems rooted.

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yama(7b Ga)

Hi noticklish
If you give us more information how you start cutting, it is easier to give sugestion. Successful propagation is depend on many other condition. what part of boxwood is used?
Rain helps but not only the condition to develop root.
yama. (Don't live in Ga anymore)

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noticklish(z5/6 CT)

Dipped it in rooting hormone and stuck it in a seed starting cell. It is a 4inch tall cutting.Perhaps summer is not the best time for boxwood.

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diggerdee zone 6 CT

I have very little experience in rooting things, and the only thing I tried rooting this year was some rhodie cuttings. I dipped them in rooting hormone and put them in potting mix inside milk jugs. I have no idea how they are doing - when I peek inside the jug they all look exactly the same as when they went in, and I have no idea how to check for roots other than pulling on them - which I don't want to do just yet.

A friend of mine used to root her boxwood cuttings directly into the ground. She had little hedges around some of her beds, and when she trimmed them, she would just stick the cuttings in the ground (with hormone) to continue the hedge. I would guess this was done in the spring, when she first trimmed them, but I honestly don't know if she did it at other times of year too. They always seemed to take quite well.

Maybe yours just need a bit more time? Good luck!

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