Gardenia in the ground

plantdabblerJuly 22, 2009

Anyone who has grown a gardenia successfully or not, will understand my frustration. I had purchase one at the home depot a couple of months back and it dropped all of its fat buds (naturally) and got spidermites (naturally) so i put it outside for my praying mantis to clean up. He earned his keep and the plant looked well. I then threw caution to the wind and planted it in the ground (i live in Brooklyn NY) Well low and behold it flowered this weekend, Oh how i love that heavenly scent......apparently so did my 18 month old mastiff!!!! I went outside and she had dug the damn thing up. I almost strangled her, but instead I got Gardy back in the groud and he seems no worse for wear...

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glen3a(Winnipeg MB 3A)

It is a difficult plant to grow, apparently they like heat and humidity. I bought one last spring from the grocery store and kept in a windowsill. Had dreams of fragrant blossoms filling up my house but not one bloom while indoors. It also started to look worse (though I don't think it had bugs) so I transplanted into a bigger pot and put outside for the summer. It looked fairly nice and green but only bloomed once during the summer. We're talking one bloom period. Frost got to it in the fall, but I admit I wasn't exactly rushing to bring it back indoors.

By the way, mastiff's are great dogs so I'm sure you have forgiven him. My niece has one and once he got out of the puppy years, he is really well behaved. He runs around with my pugs and is really a gentle giant.


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