Please id this plant

bonebaby(5b)July 21, 2013

This plant grew in my garden and would like to know what it is. It is approx 4-5 ft tall and very fragrant. Can you identify it for me?

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SouthCountryGuy Zone 4b-5 SE BC(Zone 4b-5 SE BC Canada)

Your best off to go to the "name that plant" forum

sorry I can't help but it is a beaut.

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To my eye that's definitely a milkweed. They are quite lovely in the right place, and will draw butterflies like nothing else; many people consider them to be a dastardly weed, and when you want rid of them they are notoriously difficult to defeat.

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Milkweed! Bring on the Monarchs

Lovely plant if it stayed in a tight clump. Unfortunately, it runs...

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jel48(Z4 Michigan)

Definitely milkweed. Monarch butterflies lay their eggs on milkweed plants and the plant is a host plant for the Monarch caterpillars. They will eat and eat and eat (and the milkweed will, unfortunately, become unattractive because it is soon full of big holes) but the reward is when the caterpillars turn into beautiful Monarch butterflies!

Some people want milkweed, some don't. I love to have them growing on my property and love the resulting butterflies!

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There have been articles recently talking of the diminishing food sources for Monarchs, and their decline because of it. If you can keep the milkweed (and plant more) the Monarchs and other butterflies and insects will thank you!

Here is a link that might be useful: NYT - Monarchs

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If you want to be sure, break off a tip and you should see the "milk" ooze out of the broken end.

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My grandmother used to cook the greens before the plant flowered. They were good and tasty.

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