Planting Mandevilla Vine

elle25July 13, 2008

Please Help! We just got a Mandevilla vine today,we live in New Jersey, we had never seen or heard of them before, but thought it was beautiful. My husband planted it in the ground and we put the vines on a trellis. Now I see this forum and see that they need to be wintered. We didn't know that. Should we take it out of the ground or can we leave it there? Will it die in the winter? Can we take it out of the ground before it freezes or do we need to take it out now and put it in a pot? Thank you!!!!

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You Mandervilla vine will die if left in the ground overwinter. It can be left in the ground over summer and dug out before frost hit. Personally I would plant it in a pot, and bring the pot in at season end. Less shock for the plant, It can also be started with cuttings, Take some cutting toward the end of summer. Strip the bottom leaves off. Where the leaves meets the stem, is called a nod, this is where the roots will form. Put them in water for a few week until they develop roots or in dirt buried to where the bottom leaves were. keep it moist not wet at all time. You can add root hormones to the tip (nods) of your cuttings also, which help stimulate roots formation. Hope this helps.

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