wilnoJuly 28, 2009

I have had this rogue plant pop up slightly under an overhang near my house. I've checked the net and it LOOKS like a sassafras. I live in the Ottawa Valley and there are NO sassafras growing native here! We presume a bird brought this little "gift" to us.

It is now about three feet tall and has developed what looks like a flower stalk in the middle of the leaf helix. This flower (?) resembles lilac buds. The same sort of formation, but they are an olive green color. Does anyone know anything about this plant?

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If That's what it is it grows into a tree so I'd move it from under the eaves.I don't know if it would live in Ottawa but maybe the eaves and being close to the house helped it survive. That is assuming it is Sassafras. Does it have the three different types of leaves? I'm sure not many plants have that.

There was a discussion on Gardeners web about it, so why don't you look it up

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